Truly Rose returns in the new Celebrations Mix Pack

Celebrations Party Mix includes Truly Rose, photo provided by Truly
Celebrations Party Mix includes Truly Rose, photo provided by Truly /

While the slim can might have a more sparkly look, the fan favorite Truly Rose is back. With the new Celebrations Mix Pack, there is always a reason to raise a toast to the happy moments in the day.

The phrase “rose all day,” might have lost a touch of sparkle, but the love all things rose still shines brightly. From that perfect pink hue to the slightly juicy taste, rose will never truly go out of style.

A while back, Truly offered its Rose hard seltzer. The limited time hard seltzer was an instant hit with drinkers. The sparkling alcoholic beverage hit the right balance with a little sweetness yet never overlooked the tartness that had people thirsting for more.

While the shelf has been empty of the rose, fans begged, pleaded, and cajoled the brand to bring the perfectly pink offering back to the line-up. Even though the holidays are a few months, hard seltzer fans have received their wish.

Including in the new Celebrations Mix Pack, the Truly Rose is back. Upon first glance, it is clear that the flavor has received a little glow up. The can sparkles brightly. Whether this choice is a nod to the Celebrations Mix Pack or the feeling from drinking the hard seltzer, it can be debated. In either choice, many people cannot wait to enjoy a sip.

Truly Rose returns
Truly Rose is back, photo provided by Truly /

The return of the Truly Rose, the flavor is slightly different from the original offering. Beyond the nod to the traditional wine flavor, the fruit notes of strawberry, peach and green apple are apparent. It feels bright and refreshing, yet is multidimensional.

With this hard seltzer, it deserves a special service. Even though the can is convenient, consider pouring the flavor over some ice cubes that have pieces of sliced strawberries inside of them. It is a simple idea, but one that brings a great visual.

Also, for totally different approach, consider serving the glass with a sprig of mint. Not the expected pairing, the herbal brightness rounds out the other flavors and even invigorates the total drinking experience.

The Truly Rose can be found in the Celebrations Mix Pack. Check with local retailers for availability and pricing.

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