Rose spirits offer a new twist on the rose all day mantra

Glendalough Rose Gin, photo provided by Glendalough Gin
Glendalough Rose Gin, photo provided by Glendalough Gin /

While many people enjoy opening a bottle of rose wine, rose spirits can turn that stunning pink cocktail into a bouquet of delicate aromas and flavors. For the cocktail lover who is looking to expand that flavor experience, the vividly colored libations call from the shelf. Which bottle entices a new rose all day experience?

For some cocktail drinkers, color is as important as the perfect flavor combination. The old saying of “eating with your eyes” applies to beverages as much as it does to food. Who hasn’t been drawn to that boldly colored, tropical cocktail over another golden lager?

Since the rose wine trend continues to be a summertime pleasure, some liquor brands have transformed their spirits to include various rose inspired versions. Although the color might lead drinkers to believe that all rose colored spirits are the same, there are many differences between the bottles.

For example, Glendalough Distillery offers its Rose Gin that draws its inspiration from the stunning roses in the family garden. Similar to the outstretched hands of St. Kevin on the label, opening a bottle welcomes the gin drinker to lush garden. Strong floral notes awaken the drinker to the flavor experience ahead.

As seen with this rose gin, the flavor has nothing to do with wine, yet the colors fall under the same palate. Still, the floral notes blend seamlessly with the botanicals in the gin. Just like the other foraged ingredients in this Irish gin, the roses add to the beauty in the final product.

What rose spirits draw inspiration from rose wine?

For rose wine drinkers who are looking to uncork a wine forward libation have many options on the shelf. From tequila to vodka, those pretty pink bottles are lined up to be the foundation for many cocktails.

Tequila drinkers have fallen in love with the Codigo Rosa from Codigo 1530. Getting its color from being aged in an uncharred Napa Cabernet French White Oak barrel, the cabernet berries subtly mix with the agave. Without overpowering the floral notes, this tequila is often best enjoyed in simple cocktails, like a Paloma-style spritz.

Vodka drinkers have many options, including the Effen Rose Vodka. The ripe berry flavors and floral notes are delightful in flirty, vivacious summer cocktails. Options like a simple spritz works quite well.

Even bourbon drinkers have a rose option. Penelope Bourbon had a rose cask finished bourbon. While this spirit was a limited release, many bourbon drinkers long for its return.

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The rose all day mentality is not going to fade into the sunset anytime soon. Why not keep the cork in the bottle and try one of these rose spirits? Doesn’t everything look prettier through that rose colored world?