Penelope Bourbon is the bourbon for French rosé wine lovers

Penelope Bourbon, Rosé Cask Finish Bourbon , photo provided by Penelope Bourbon,
Penelope Bourbon, Rosé Cask Finish Bourbon , photo provided by Penelope Bourbon, /

If you rosé all day, Penelope Bourbon is a must try.

As bourbons continue to evolve, Penelope Bourbon takes a different approach to America’s spirit. If you are ready to be tickled pink by a new libation, it is time to pour yourself a glass of this new bourbon.

Over the past couple of years, bourbon has taken over the bar. From special, limited edition offerings to flavored varieties to celebrity collaborations, there is a bourbon that fits every occasion.

Since bourbon can be nuanced to adopt different flavor profiles, Penelope Bourbon takes a different approach to its offering. Finished in French rosé wine casks, this bourbon adopts a new layer of complexity. From the aroma to the color to the taste, this bourbon is one to sip, savor and allow it to linger.

The Penelope Bourbon uses Grenache rosé wine casks in the aging process. Since Grenache tends to have some sweet notes, the bourbon has a touch of sweetness. Never overpowering, the slightly sweet notes make it quite enjoyable while sipped neat.

Overall, this bourbon has some vanilla and caramel flavors. Those sweet, rich flavors are combined with some notes of candied fruit. It is a very approachable bourbon.

Looking at the bourbon, the influence of the Grenache rosé wine casks is clear. The slightly reddish hue makes it a visual masterpiece. Simply staring at in a glass could be a beautiful escape.

Penelope Bourbon Rosé Cask Finish Bourbon
Penelope Bourbon Rosé Cask Finish Bourbon , photo provided by Penelope Bourbon, /

As a 94-proof bourbon, it is meant to be enjoyed neat. Actually, the brand suggests chilling the bottle, similar to chilling a wine. This idea is something that is rarely done with a bourbon.

After trying this bourbon, I would recommend using a whiskey stone or, preferably, the Peugeot Whiskey Glasses, which are designed to enhance spirit. Plus, the bottom of that glass keeps the beverage chilled without ice or other additions.

Although this bourbon is meant to be enjoyed neat, it could be used in a cocktail. The best cocktails seem to play off the sweetness in the bourbon.

After a little experimentation, a classic Manhattan works as does an Old Fashioned. For an interesting twist, consider a twist on a Mint Julep. The combination of the slightly sweet bourbon with the brightness of the mint is quite refreshing on a crisp day. Although there is a lot of ice in the drink, using the straw ensures that you enjoy each and every sip.

Truthfully, the Penelope Bourbon sparks a lot of creativity. Whether it is exploring food pairings or playing with ways to serve the bourbon, you might have wanted to have two bottles behind the bar.

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