Reese’s Skeletons bring the spookiness to Hershey’s Halloween offerings

New Reese’s Skeletons join the Hershey's candy Halloween line-up, photo provided by Hershey's
New Reese’s Skeletons join the Hershey's candy Halloween line-up, photo provided by Hershey's /

While those classic pumpkins might be a Hershey’s Halloween candy tradition, the new Reese’s Skeletons stand out in the bowl. No one will be sorry to grab an extra piece to put in their bag.

From running from house to house on Halloween to events leading up to the big night, favorite candy flavors those events. Even if some people want to take flavors to a more extreme level, the reality is that many people want their favorite treats. Hershey’s candy is often a top choice.

New for this spooky season are Reese’s Skeletons. The foil wrapper sets the tone in the bowl. Similar to the vibrant colors from Dia De Los Muertos, the skeleton imagery is intricate. At the same time, it is not overly scary. No one would be afraid to pluck one of these candies from the bowl.

When the Reese’s Skeletons are unwrapped, the chocolate layer has the imagery, too. The imprint conveys the skeleton.

Thinking about this treat, it would make the perfect decoration on a cake or a cupcake. Simply putting one of the candies as a slice separator on a Halloween cake would make a stunning image.

Reese’s Skeletons from Hershey's for Halloween candy
New Reese’s Skeletons join the Hershey’s candy Halloween line-up, photo provided by Hershey’s /

What other new Hershey’s candies join the Reese’s Skeletons for Halloween?

While returning favorites like the Witches Brew Kit Kat and Cookies and Cream Fang return, the Chocolatey Payday are available in a snack size. That combination of chocolate and peanut is a popular choice for many people who crave the sweet and salty. Plus, the smaller size allows people to enjoy that little treat without any negative connotations.

Looking at the Hershey Halloween candy offerings for this year, they lean into favorite flavors. Whether it is the classic chocolate bar or the peanut butter cup, there is a reason why these candies are iconic and bring smiles when people find them in the treat bag.

New for the season is the Beary Scary Additions, which brings together Hershey’s candies and Haribo Goldbears. The 60 count bag ensures that everyone has a treat that they enjoy. From chocolate to fruity, the bag is overflowing. It might be the win for anyone who is handing out candy on Halloween night.

What is your favorite Halloween candy? More importantly, when do you buy those candy bags to kick off the spooky season?

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