2023 MTN DEW VooDew flavor revealed and it was a little tricky

2023 MTN DEW VooDew flavor revealed, photo provided by Mountain Dew
2023 MTN DEW VooDew flavor revealed, photo provided by Mountain Dew /

The mystery has been solved and the 2023 MTN DEW VooDew flavor has been revealed. While everyone knew that it was a popular Halloween candy, one aspect seemed to lead drinkers down the correct path. Did you see beyond the intrigue and guess correctly?

Spoiler Alert: If you want to continue the guessing game, it is best to turn away. Just like a Halloween movie, the big reveal can ruin the plot. So, if you don’t want to know the flavor, it is time to stop reading.

According to the beverage brand, the 2023 MTN Dew VooDew Flavor is Airheads Cherry. While that first whiff might have given a hint, other aspects put people down a different path. The pink color might have been bubble gum. But, anyone who sipped on this beverage appreciated this guess was far off track.

The classic Airheads cherry flavor is clear, especially when someone points it out. It is sweet with a touch of tartness. Just like the candy itself. Given the carbonation, there is a little extra enjoyment with the drinking.

For a little extra flavor, consider enjoying some Airheads with the MTN Dew beverage. Although it is not the same as infusing a liquor with a candy, but it could be fun. Or, maybe play off another Airheads candy. Just like trick or treating, mixing and matching candy can be enjoyable.

Given that this MTN DEW VooDew flavor is the fifth in the series, it will be interesting to see where Mountain Dew goes next. Could there be a spicy version coming for year six? That idea could be a fun way to incorporate a 666 connection. A little burn might be that Halloween imagery that everyone understands. Just think of a Hot Tamales MTN DEW.

For now, grab a bottle of the 2023 MTN DEW VooDew beverage. See if you taste the Airheads cherry connection.

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