Kraft brings back SpongeBob Mac and Cheese to fans’ delight

Kraft brings back SpongeBob Mac and Cheese, photo provided by Kraft
Kraft brings back SpongeBob Mac and Cheese, photo provided by Kraft /

For many people, that Kraft Mac and Cheese blue box instantly brings a smile to their face. After listening to fans demands, SpongeBob Mac and Cheese is back. Will you be serving it with a Crabby Patty?

Over the past several years, food lovers have become more vocal about their favorite foods. When that box disappears from the shelf, it is more than just a lingering hunger for that bite. There is an emptiness, a longing, a lack of satisfaction. People are no longer willing to live in the memory. They want to experience that flavor again.

Kraft took notice of fans on social media and has brought back its SpongeBob Mac and Cheese. Available in both the classic blue box and Easy Mac option, the food will hit store shelves in October. The shapes include SpongeBob SquarePants, Squidward, Patrick, and Gary. Even though no one has to sing to get dinner, the shapes bring a little levity to the bowl.

Periodically, Kraft brings shapes to its mac and cheese. It never takes away from the classic flavor, but it adds a pop culture element. Even though the iconic food brand is always part of the zeitgeist, the reality is that people want variety. Changing the pasta shape does that without losing the heart of the iconic mac and cheese.

Whether people turn this SpongeBob Mac and Cheese into a special episode watching meal, pair with another SpongeBob centric food, or just eat on its own remains to be seen. Even though the animated character lives in a pineapple under the sea, it might be best to leave pineapple off the food pairing list. Unlike sometimes pairing fish and cheese, pineapple and mac and cheese does not seem appealing.

Kraft’s SpongeBob Mac and Cheese will start to hit store shelves in October. Check with retailers for pricing and availability.

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