Camarena Tequila Inked Kit crosses beverage and fashion culture

Camarena Tequila Inked Kitl, photo provided by Cocktail Courier
Camarena Tequila Inked Kitl, photo provided by Cocktail Courier /

While a night out often has people dressed to the nines, the intersection of food and fashion is a familiar topic. With the new Camerena Tequila Inked Kit, the tequila brand partnered with Luke Wessman to reimagine a piece of soccer culture.

Even though the NFL might fill the pop culture narrative and have boisterous fans, the soccer world has a passionate base unlike any other. From waving team scarfs to wearing a player’s kit (jersey), people watch those precise moves up and down the field. Eagerly anticipating the call of “GOALLLLL,” the play captivates fans.

Today, the sport is seeing a rise in popularity. Thanks to international players joining U.S. teams, more people are looking to the pitch. In turn, they are filling their closet and setting the table with food and beverage choices.

While some beverage brands sponsor teams and others have a favorite beverage, opening a tequila can be a fine choice, especially during National Hispanic Month. The blue agave spirit has seen a resurgence across the liquor market. Whether sipped neat or mixed into a cocktail, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy a pour or two.

Camarena Tequila has been telling its story for over 250 years. While the wolf on the bottle is a nod to its roots, it is also symbolic of fierceness and respect. In a way, the image is a nod to the symbolic relationship between nature and the people who protect it.

Building on using imagery to evoke a feeling, the Camerena Tequila Inked Kit combines soccer and tattoo culture in this special Cocktail Courier Kit. In partnership with Luke Wessman, a leading tattoo artist who has worked with many soccer players, the special offering invites everyone to express their uniqueness one image at a time.

Camarena Tequila Inked Kit from Cocktail Courier
Camarena Tequila Inked Kitl, photo provided by Cocktail Courier /

Speaking to the new offering, Brandon Lieb, VP of Spirits at Gallo said, “The Camarena Tequila Inked Kit is a celebration of the dynamic passion soccer fans have for fashion and art influenced by their favorite players. We’re honored to bring it to life with custom kit expert Icarus and the incomparable Luke Wessman, whose art graces the skin of soccer players from across the globe. Now our fans can further commemorate their love for the world’s most popular sport with style, while toasting with Camarena Tequila.”

The specially designed jersey celebrates imagery across soccer and the Camarena brand. From the blue agave to angel wings, each symbol was carefully chosen and placed for effect. For the person wearing it, the look definitely makes a statement.

The Cocktail Courier Kit includes the following: “limited edition jersey, a bottle of Camarena Tequila, ingredients to shake up the deliciously bold and spicy Matchday Margarita, custom-etched glassware, and a flash tattoo inspired by Luke Wessman’s design.” The kit retails for $69.99 and is available while supplies last.

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