Shake up an Americano Outlaw cocktail to sip during the USWNT games

Americano Outlaw cocktail, photo provided by Truly
Americano Outlaw cocktail, photo provided by Truly /

Since the Women’s World Cup games are playing in Australia and New Zealand, the live matches might not be airing at the most convenient times. With the Americano Outlaw cocktail from Truly, this espresso tonic inspired beverage has a little extra boost in the glass.

Themed cocktails are often popular for special events. From Shark Week to sporting events, the classic cocktails take a back seat to a new, exciting sipper.

As a supporter of the USWNT, Truly is ready to pop open a can of its new Truly Orange Slices Hard Seltzer or one of its other popular flavors. When that iconic “GOALLLLLLL” is said, everyone is ready to raise a glass to another impressive score.

Given the time difference with the Women’s World Cup games, some food and beverage brands are looking to offer a little pick-me up. Coffee, or a little caffeine, can offer that boost to wipe away the sleepiness.

On current beverage trend is the espresso tonic. While that relatively simple offering appeals to coffee drinkers, there are ways to update the recipe. This option from Truly gives a nod to some of the sport’s most avid fans.

The largest U.S. Soccer fan coalition, The American Outlaws, are passionate about the team. While they could probably recount ever stat, they are willing to sacrifice some beauty sleep to watch all the action on the pitch live.

In honor of the group and in collaboration with the new Truly Orange Slices, Truly has shared the Americano Outlaws cocktail. Although it might not be the most common, or least controversial, coffee pairing, some people add a splash of orange juice in their coffee. This cocktail reflects that beverage idea.

Americano Outlaw cocktail
Americano Outlaw cocktail, photo provided by Truly /

Here’s how to make Americano Outlaw cocktail.

Co-signed by official US Soccer support group, The American Outlaws


  • 2 oz cold brew coffee
  • 3 oz Truly Orange Slices Hard Seltzer
  • Orange slice
  • Ice
  • Optional – Splash of your favorite milk


  • Fill a rocks glass to the top with ice.
  • Mix 2 oz of your favorite cold brew coffee with 3 oz of Truly Orange Slice Hard Seltzer and pour over the ice.
  • Top with a splash of your favorite milk (or stick to black if you’re a true Outlaw)
  • Garnish with an orange slice.

Whether this cocktail is a great choice to watch USWNT, brunch or any occasion is a personal choice. No matter the reason, it is time to enjoy one of these cocktails sooner versus later.

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