Jameson opens the Dublin Playbook to possibility of more international NFL games

Jameson and Ryan Fitzpatrick, photo provided by Jameson
Jameson and Ryan Fitzpatrick, photo provided by Jameson /

While diehard NFL fans live for football Sunday, seeing that favorite team play in a unique locale has a tremendous calling. As the league explores more travel locations, Jameson kicks off a spirited conversation to put the Dublin Playbook at the top of the list.

Whether that football fan connection started as a child or was a passion developed later in life, the love of a particular NFL team is more than just knowing players and appreciating a great play. The special game day jersey represents being part of a group. Never a fair-weather fan, they show up when the team has disheartening losses and stay to the final seconds click off the clock.

Although seeing the team play at home might be a storied event, the travel games are often full of excitement. As seen over the past couple of years, NFL teams have gone to England, Germany, and Mexico. Even if there might be a little language confusion over the “football” terminology, the reality is that true fans are ready, willing, and able to see their favorite team in special locale.

Jameson is wanting to bring that NFL experience to the Emerald Isle. Given that Notre Dame had huge success with its game earlier this year, it is time to open the Dublin Playbook to the NFL chapter.

According to the liquor brand, “86% of football fans say they would be excited to hear that a professional American football game was scheduled to play in Dublin.” In addition, “more than three-fourths of football fans (79%) would be interested in traveling to an international city to watch a professional American football game.”

Jameson and Ryan Fitzpatrick NFL in Dublin
Jameson and Ryan Fitzpatrick, photo provided by Jameson /

To spark a bigger conversation about bringing the NFL to Dublin, Jameson enlisted the help of Ryan Fitzpatrick to encourage everyone to join the Jameson Touchdown in Dublin Huddle.
As Fitzpatrick said, “In my 17 year pro football career I saw firsthand how the game is growing internationally. Frankfurt, Mexico City and London are great cities that have hosted games, but Jameson and I have a bigger idea. The Jameson Touchdown in Dublin is our unofficial call for a pro regular season game to be played in Dublin. If a regular season game is announced in the next year we’re even going to fly 100 fans to Dublin to celebrate!”

To build excitement about the possibilities of a Dublin NFL game, why not shake up a Jameson cocktail while cheering on a favorite team. This option, which can use both the Original and Orange spirits is a little zesty. Whether enjoyed in the first quarter or during the big drive to kick off the second half, the flavor keeps the energetic vibe going.

Jameson Fitz Blitz


  • 2 parts Jameson Original
  • 2 parts Orange Juice
  • 3 parts Lemon Lime Soda

How to Mix:

  • Mix and serve the ingredients in glass

Ready to open the Dublin Playbook with Jameson? The luck of the Irish might not guarantee a win by a favorite team, but anyone able to watch the game in person definitely has luck on their side.

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