2023 Levi’s Stadium menu gives San Fransisco 49ers Faithful flavor diversity

2023 Levi's Stadium menu for San Fransisco 49ers games, Loaded “Picadillo” Sirloin Nachos, photo provided by San Fransisco 49ers
2023 Levi's Stadium menu for San Fransisco 49ers games, Loaded “Picadillo” Sirloin Nachos, photo provided by San Fransisco 49ers /

While the outcome on the field is unpredictable, the 2023 Levi’s Stadium menu has the San Fransisco 49ers Faithful cheering a resounding win on the plate. In conjunction with hospitality partner Levy, both traditional and premium concessions bring best in class food options for all the Faithful to enjoy.

NFL Stadium menus have evolved over the years. From celebrity chef driven offerings to partnering with local restaurants, the simple hot dog or pizza slice has taken a back seat to flavor diversity. While the traditional pretzel and light beer will always be available, football fans want more from their food experience. If the pre-game tailgate is a showcase of culinary creativity, the stadium chefs have to raise their game.

During a recent preview of the 2023 Levi’s Stadium menu, San Fransisco 49ers Faithful will be excited to get to the game early to enjoy all the delectable choices. In recent years, the Member Inclusive Menu, a benefit to Season Ticket holders, has been a game changer. Seeing that success, the concept was adapted to an even larger concept.

New for the 2023 season, the 49ers Tailgate by Golden Road Brewing is a pregame and halftime experience that gives football fans the ultimate food spread. For $200, guests have access to a pre-game and halftime gameday buffet. Although the exact menu is unclear, the food options will include “upscale chef items and creations from local restaurant partners.” In addition, the tailgate includes beer and wine, but liquor options are available for purchase.

Although some people might see the $200 price tag as steep, it should be a great deal. Given that it is available both before the game and during halftime, it should be easy to maximize that $200 value.

In addition, it creates a sense of community to gametime. Enjoying food and beverages with other fans brings excitement to kickoff. Sometimes a great meal is even better when it is shared with others.

2023 Levi's Stadium menu San Fransisco 49ers Crab Sandwich
2023 Levi’s Stadium menu San Fransisco 49ers Crab Sandwich, photo provided by San Fransisco 49ers /

What are some 2023 Levi’s Stadium menu highlights that San Fransisco 49ers fans will want?

Over recent years, the Levi’s Stadium menu has leveraged its local partners as well as pushed the food conversation forward. Whether it is making special game day menu items based on visiting opponents or bringing favorite restaurants to the concession stands, these food options are never boring.

As Alvin Kabiling, Levi’s Stadium Head Chef said, “Many fans think that stadium food is repetitive, just hot dogs and fries everywhere you go. Every offseason, my team and I use the time to evolve our concessions offerings to match the diversity of the Faithful,”

On this year’s menu, some of the highlight anticipated items include:

  • Loaded “Picadillo” Sirloin Nachos
  • Foot-Long Cheddar Bacon Brat
  • Foot-Long NorCal Dog
  • Crab Sandwich
  • Pulled Pork Slider, Brisket Slider, Pastrami Bruger Slider – Mesquite and Oak
  • Crispy Tender & Fries, Nashville Hot Chicken Slider, Loaded Mac and Cheese – Scratch Kitchen
  • Shoyu Ahi Bowl, Spicy Ahi Bowl – Poke Braddah’s
  • Party Time Lumpia – Sarap Shop

For those fortunate enough to enjoy some of the premium concession or suite options, those menu items are quite sophisticated. Options include Steakhouse “Tomahawk” Board, Skuna Bay Salmon Board, and Gold Rush Burrata Duo.

Looking at the general concession items, they embrace the culinary team’s concept of elevating the traditional stadium fare. The nachos are a great example. Combining traditional tortilla chips with potato hash, cumin scented beef, and various cheeses, this dish is a meal, not just a snack.

Overall, the 2023 Levi’s Stadium menu will have the San Fransisco 49ers Faithful running to the concession stands during every break in play. Only time will tell which food choice will be the lucky charm for the season, but no one will leave the stadium hungry.

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