Buffalo Pepsi brings the heat to the Better with Pepsi concept

Pepsi rolls out new product imagery, photo provided by Pepsi
Pepsi rolls out new product imagery, photo provided by Pepsi /

For 125 years, Pepsi has been that refreshingly sweet cola that goes with anything and everything. As seen in the Better with Pepsi campaign, the beverage pairs with every food and invites people to think beyond the traditional food and beverage pairings. With Buffalo Pepsi, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen invites people to do a little more with that chicken wing flavor enhancer.

Over the recent years, Pepsi has advanced some interesting flavor combinations. Who doesn’t remember the Lindsay Lohan moment where the campaign brought back Pepsi and milk from Laverne and Shirley days. Sometimes the food pairing sounds out of the box until people actually try it.

In a recent video, Bills Quarterback Josh Allen invites people to try Buffalo Pepsi. Basically, it is adding some Buffalo hot sauce into a glass of the classic cola.

As seen in the video, there are many ways to serve this sweet and spicy creation. Some might think that it will never be a thirst quencher in the household. Others might be up to the cola challenge, especially when it is served with a plate of Buffalo wings.

Even if it is a one and done drink, it has people talking and trying it. It might not cause people to reveal never spoken about secrets like an episode of Hot Ones, but no one wants to be left out of the conversation.

The idea of a sweet, caramel flavor with a spicy flavor does make sense. It isn’t as popular as a salted caramel, but it is definitely a flavor combination that is not totally from left field. After all, hitting all the five tastes is important for a satisfying food.

Even though people might be skeptical about this Buffalo Pepsi, the more interesting aspect in this video is the blue cheese rimmed glass. Why haven’t cocktail bars or brunch locales used this concept with a Bloody Mary. Everyone is building gargantuan garnishes on the glass, isn’t it time to put cheese on the glass, not just on it or in it?

Thinking of this idea of a cheese rimmed glass, it does not necessarily have to be only blue cheese. Why not use a spreadable cheese, like a Pine River Spicy Beer Cheese Spread. Given that a Bloody Mary is always more enjoyable with a beer back, this idea would amplify the beer moment.

Even if this Buffalo Pepsi beverage might not become the must have fall beverage, it is a concept deserves a moment. More importantly, it has people wondering. What will Pepsi pour next?

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