Pepsi and Lindsay Lohan toast a dirty soda holiday with Pilk and Cookies

Pilk and Cookies, Lindsay Lohan and Pepsi shake up the classic holiday food pairing, photo provided by Pepsi
Pilk and Cookies, Lindsay Lohan and Pepsi shake up the classic holiday food pairing, photo provided by Pepsi /

Over the years, holiday traditions evolve. While Santa might be aware of the hottest toys, it seems that the jolly man might be enjoying some current food trends as well. This year, it seems that Pilk and Cookies are on the table. Pepsi, Lindsay Lohan and Santa are here for this dirty soda holiday.

To be clear, Pilk is combining Pepsi and milk. While the iconic cola has brought many creative flavors to the table this year, this version of a dirty soda is not necessarily a new idea. Anyone who is a fan of Laverne and Shirly knows that Laverne’s favorite drink was Pepsi and milk. It seems that Penny Marshall (aka Laverne) discovered this beverage at summer camp.

More recently, the idea of a dirty soda has taken over the beverage conversation. The combination of a soda, cream, and a syrup has many versions. While it has been popular in Utah for years, it became a food trend this summer.

This holiday season, Pepsi is teaming up with Lindsay Lohan and Santa to share the love of Pilk and Cookies. Whether or not milk is fetch does not matter, Pepsi and milk (aka Pilk) is the holiday beverage that brings the merry this season.

According to Todd Kaplan, Chief Marketing Officer – Pepsi, “Combining Pepsi and milk has long been a secret hack among Pepsi fans. Now with the rise of the ‘dirty soda’ trend on TikTok and throughout the country, we thought Pilk and Cookies would be a great way to unapologetically celebrate the holidays with a new and delicious way to enjoy Pepsi this season.

Tasty upgrades to that Pilk and Cookies that bring the holiday cheer.

While some people will get that first sip of Pilk and Cookies, the creative minds at Pepsi have been busier than the elves with some innovative beverage recipes. The five beverage suggestions are The Naughty & Ice, The Chocolate Extreme, The Cherry on Top, the Snow Fl(oat) and The Nutty Cracker. While some people might think back to that Pepsi S’mores offering, these recipes (and cookie pairings) are a little more complex.

Pilk and Cookies from Pepsi for the holidays
Pilk and Cookies, Pepsi and milk dirty soda for the holidays, photo provided by Pepsi /

The Naughty & Ice is the most classic offering. Vanilla forward thanks to the vanilla creamer, this beverage should be paired with a classic chocolate chip cookie. While this mixture uses vanilla creamer, vanilla extract could be used, but much less.

And, for extra holiday cheer, why not serve it in a chocolate chip cookie cup. It would be dirty soda meets cookie shooter.

The Chocolate Extreme uses chocolate milk. This recipe recommends the Pepsi Nitro for a smooth, creamy option. For chocolate fans, pair it with a double chocolate cookie or another chocolate forward option.

The Cherry on Top builds off Pepsi Wild Cherry. Combining that soda with milk and caramel creamer makes for a super sweet beverage. It can be paired with a gingerbread cookie, which will help cut through the sweetness.

The Snow Fl(oat) is a plant based option using oat milk since everyone should be able to enjoy the Pilk and Cookies holiday fun. In addition to the oat milk, this recipe uses caramel creamer and Pepsi Zero Sugar. Paired with an oatmeal cookie, it is dirty but just not quite as filthy.

Lastly, the Nutty Cracker is another non-dairy option. Using almond milk and coconut creamer, it features the Nitro Pepsi Vanilla. Whether paired with a peanut butter cookie or maybe even a peanut butter blossom cookie, it is a tasty choice that embraces the nutty side.

Pilk and cookies might win the food and beverage holiday pairings this year. Being a little dirty does not mean that a person tops Santa’s naughty list. The jolly one might appreciate a little twist on the traditional holiday cheer.