Here’s how to get a free Eggo Taco at Moe’s Southwest Grill

Eggo Taco from Moe's Southwest Grill and Eggo, photo provided by Moe's Southwest Grill
Eggo Taco from Moe's Southwest Grill and Eggo, photo provided by Moe's Southwest Grill /

When guests hear the greeting “Welcome to Moe’s,” the anticipation for a tasty meal grows. In honor of National Taco Day, Moe’s Southwest Grill and Eggo are joining forces for a brand new Eggo Taco. Here’s how to enjoy one for free.

Recently, the breakfast taco has been getting a makeover. Although not necessarily a new idea, many food brands are thinking beyond the traditional flavors. Bringing together sweet, spicy, and savory in a single bite expands the possibilities of when that dish can be enjoyed.

For National Taco Day, Moe’s Southwest Grill partnered with Eggo Waffles to make the Eggo Taco. While this new offering is unlike anything else on the restaurant’s menu, it should be very well received.

As Joe Artime, VP of Marketing at Moe’s Southwest Grill said, “At Moe’s, we aren’t afraid to be adventurous with our menu by infusing creativity and innovation into new offerings. We’re excited to introduce a unique spin on Moe’s classic tacos in collaboration with Eggo, feeding our fans’ appetite for new and unexpected flavors.”

Eggo Taco from Moe's Southwestern Grill and Eggo
Eggo Taco from Moe’s Southwest Grill and Eggo, photo provided by Moe’s Southwest Grill /

The Eggo Taco features “Moe’s adobo chicken topped with bacon, shredded cheese and chipotle ranch.” Those ingredients are served in a fried Eggo waffle, which is folded into a taco shape.

The Eggo waffles can contrast a lot of flavors. It does not always have to be that vehicle for syrup. This idea is a taco, but it could also be rolled up like a taquito.

With this food offering, the flavors play off spicy, sweet, and savory. That slight sweet, buttery note from the Eggo is a nice contrast to the salty bacon, cheese, and spicy chicken. Even though the Eggo has a slight crunch, it might be nice to add another textural element to this dish. A sprinkle of extra crunchy waffle bits might be nice.

For guests to score a free Eggo Taco, they can arrive at their local Moe’s in
Atlanta, North Jersey, Long Island and South Florida at 10:30 a.m. on October 4. With any purchase, guests can receive the free food offer. It is available while supplies last.

Could an Eggo Taco become part of Moe’s permanent menu? Only time will tell, but many people might be wishing it true.

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