Kettle Brand 7 Layer Dip Chip brings all the flavor without the spill factor

Kettle Brand 7 Layer Dip Chip, photo provided by Kettle Brand
Kettle Brand 7 Layer Dip Chip, photo provided by Kettle Brand /

Chips and dip are a classic combination. People cannot help but scoop, eat and savor that flavor. With the new Kettle Brand 7 Layer Dip Chip, one bite captures that combination, and no one has to worry about spilling on their shirt.

Over the years, Kettle Brand has pushed the chip creativity factor. While there will always be a place for that classic salt and pepper, others preferred the bold krinkle cut habanero lime or air fry Jalapeno. Given the depth in the line, there is an option to satisfy any and every craving.

By launching the Kettle Brand 7 Layer Dip Chip, the snack company transforms a classic flavor into an easy snackable form. As Nick Hammitt, Vice President of Salty Snacks Marketing, Campbell Snacks, said, “Kettle Brand is known for bringing unique flavor experiences to potato chips and our newest 7 Layer Dip Chip delivers just that. We are excited to give people something new to snack on this tailgate season with seven delicious layers of flavor in each bite.”

This chip flavor has classic characteristics of that dip. From a touch of creaminess that mimics sour cream to the kick of spice from the salsa note, eating one chip is almost like a flavor journey. Although no one has to parse every component, it is enjoyable to have a salty, spicy, and even umami notes.

Adding a new chip flavor in the middle of football season is smart for Kettle Brand. More importantly, it is a creation that is based on a popular dip. It already has a built-in audience. Whether it is purchased for the intrigue, convenience, or just a craving, the new Kettle Brand offering should become a big hit.

Kettle Brand 7 Layer Dip Chip is available at various retailers. The suggested retail price is $5.29.

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