New Kettle Brand chips embrace big, bold crave-worthy flavors

Two new Kettle Brand Potato Chips, Farmstand Ranch & Parmesan Garlic, photo provided by Kettle Brand Potato Chips
Two new Kettle Brand Potato Chips, Farmstand Ranch & Parmesan Garlic, photo provided by Kettle Brand Potato Chips /

Need a reason to snack? The new Kettle Brand chips are big, bold flavors that are changing the way that you think about your favorite potato chip.

New Kettle Brand chips are coming to store shelves. While the popular potato chip has always been a snacking favorite, the new flavors bring something bold to the snack bowl. Are you ready to pop open a bag?

According to the Kettle Brand, the two new flavors are Farmstand Ranch and Parmesan Garlic. The two flavors seem to set a new path for the chip company.

While other snack brands focus on spicy forward snacks, Kettle Brand puts the focus on savory, classic flavors. In a way, these chips bring a sense of nostalgia to the snack bowl.

Although ranch is always a popular snack flavor, this chip option focuses on the homestyle flavors of the classic. Similar to the classic ranch dressing that many people enjoy, these potato chips feature flavors of real cream and parsley. While not being overly heavy, the flavors come through in every bite.

In a way, these chips embody the chip and dip aspect without the dip. While tempt fate with possible spillage, this single chip carries all those classic flavors.

New Kettle Brand chips
New Kettle Brand Potato Chips, Parmesan Garlic flavor, photo provided by Kettle Brand Potato Chips /

The Kettle Brand Parmesan Garlic brings a savory combination to snack time. While Parmesan and garlic are a classic combination, bringing those two flavors to a potato chip is a new experience. It is definitely a bold move for Kettle Brand.

While cheese flavored chips have been around, this flavor combination is more like an elevated version. The flavor reminds people of a cheese plate or a great dinner. In a way, it could spark a new idea, adding potato chips to your cheese board. That chip bowl might never be the same.

The two new Kettle Brand chips will be hitting select retailers now and will be available nationwide in February.

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What do you think of these two new chip flavors? Do you think that they represent a new trend in snacking?