Move over Hot Toddy, there’s a new Winter Warmer to sip

Winter Warmer Hot Dr Pepper, photo provided by Dr Pepper
Winter Warmer Hot Dr Pepper, photo provided by Dr Pepper /

As the cooler nights begin to take over, many people are looking to warm cocktails to enjoy. Whether sitting by the fire or snuggled under a blanket, this Winter Warmer cocktail takes a familiar flavor in a whole new direction.

Certain cocktails fit in particular scenarios. Tropical, fruit forward choices are beachside favorites. Bright, zesty aperitivos are delightful staring at a Mediterranean vista. When cooler temperatures fill the night, a warm cocktail is often the popular choice.

Cocktails like the Hot Toddy might be grandma’s cure all, but it is more than just soothing a scratching throat or thawing out after a snowy day. That warm flavor offers a comforting taste.

Many people are drawn to particular flavors. It could be the taste of the familiar or it could be a love a particular combination. No matter the reason, a person will choose one option over another.

That sentiment is often very clear when it comes to sodas. Picking a red cola can over blue one is more than just enticing marketing or a big savings deal. It is the beverage itself which makes a difference.

Dr Pepper, with its proprietary signature ingredients, has built legions of fans. More than its Texas roots, the popular soda became synonymous with college football and other parts of pop culture. From ice cream collaborations to engaging commercials, Dr Pepper deserves its spot on the beverage shelf.

Bringing together two concepts, Dr Pepper and a warm cocktail, in a single glass has intrigued people. While many people are hungry for nostalgic recipes, the idea of a Winter Warmer has come back en vogue.

Although warm sodas are not often in the glass, this concept stands out due to the Dr Pepper flavors and its unique ingredients. Similar to a simmer pot that fills the house with warm spices, this cocktail has an enticing aroma. Even before that first sip, the comforting vibe washes over the drinker and the worries fade away.

Winter Warmer Hot Dr Pepper
Winter Warmer Hot Dr Pepper, photo provided by Dr Pepper /

Here’s how to make a Winter Warmer aka a Hot Dr Pepper.


  • Warm Dr Pepper on the stovetop to 180 degrees or until steaming hot.
  • Pour over thin lemon slices.
  • Option to add in selection of rum (to personal preference) and enjoy!

The lemon slices are key to bring a little brightness to the sip. The sweetness is not overshadowed, but it is a little more balanced.

When adding the rum, be considerate with the option. While personal preference is always imperative, the reality is that an aged rum might play off the other spices. In contrast, a coconut rum might not necessarily be the best option since the contrasts might be too jarring.

The next time someone suggests a Hot Toddy, consider a different Winter Warmer, aka the Hot Dr Pepper. It might be just what the doctor order.

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