Pepsi 125 Diner celebrates the beverage brand’s most memorable moments

Pepsi 125 Diner in New York City, photo provided by Pepsi
Pepsi 125 Diner in New York City, photo provided by Pepsi /

While the iconic cola beverage might have started as a non-alcoholic digestif, Pepsi is more than a one note sipper. Over the past several years, the Better with Pepsi campaign has showcased that the cola is the perfect pairing with any and every food. As the brand opens the Pepsi 125 Diner in honor of its 125th birthday celebration, the immersive dining experience blends pop culture with the refreshment that fans continue to crave.

Choosing a beverage is more than just putting out a hand and accepting just any cup. People are drawn to a particular flavor. Sometimes it is more than the crisp, refreshing taste. It can also be a connection to music, pop culture, sports, or even family. From the parent who only served Pepsi with that pizza to the tradition of cracking open a can during that Super Bowl Halftime performance, the memories return when that flavor hits the lips.

As part of Pepsi’s 125th birthday celebration, the brand is showcasing how it infuses its influence beyond the beverage aisle. From entertainment to product innovation, the cola is never flat. Whether people always reach for the original flavor or prefer newer offerings like Pepsi Nitro, the moment to enjoy that refreshment is never ending. From the football field to the stage, the sweet, citrus cola flavor unites people.

Speaking to the 125th birthday celebration, Todd Kaplan, Chief Marketing Officer – Pepsi said, “Pepsi has become an iconic brand over the past 125 years with a rich legacy of challenging the status quo in pursuit of enjoyment – both in the beverage industry and pop culture at large. As we celebrate the brand’s historic milestone over the next 125 days, we will honor some of our most cherished cultural moments as we look ahead towards our next chapter with the rollout of the new Pepsi logo and visual identity.”

Pepsi 125 Diner in New York City
Pepsi 125 Diner in New York City, photo provided by Pepsi /

How is The Pepsi 125 Diner marking the momentous occasion?

While many restaurants happily pour the classic cola, The Pepsi 125 Diner is a unique, immersive experience that has many people clamoring for a coveted reservation. Although there will be many photo ops for the fans, it is more than just another pop-up experience. The idea is to celebrate the past, present, and future of the beverage brand.

As Kaplan commented, “The Pepsi 125 Diner will bring the best of Pepsi all together under one roof – from some of our favorite advertisements to our biggest music moments to our rarest product experiences, and so much more – it will truly be a one-of-a-kind immersive experience unlike anything else.”

In a singular space, The Pepsi 125 Diner will feature vignettes that have been taken directly from iconic Pepsi moments. From infamous Super Bowl commercials to new music collaborations, guests will not have to search hard for all the easter eggs.

While the setting is quite memorable, the food and beverage offerings will have people talking about them long after the reservation is over. Showcasing how everything is Better with Pepsi, the culinary creativity will be front and center. From the opportunity to try the Pepsi-Colachup to sipping on that Crystal Pepsi, it is the dining experience that many fans have longed to enjoy.

For those Pepsi fans who hope to get a table, everyone can sign-up at for more information. The Pepsi Diner will be open from October 19 through October 26 in New York City. The two-hour dining experience starts at $50 per person. The ticket includes a three-course meal, complimentary Pepsi beverages and cocktails (for diners over 21), and access to the immersive Pepsi experience.

Pepsi might have ushered in a new era, but its past has flavored fan loyalty. As it celebrates its 125th birthday, it is a time to revisit and celebrate why the life is just Better with Pepsi.

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