Dole unveils Disney Wish inspired recipes that serve a taste of healthy eating magic

The longstanding Disney and Dole partnership has inspired young and old to enjoy another serving of delicious, healthy eating food. With these Disney Wish inspired recipes, there is a little extra magic stirred into each of these dishes.

When Disney releases a new movie, Dole often features those characters and story lines in engaging marketing. From stickers on those bananas to recipes that the whole family will enjoy, the food not only brings excitement for the upcoming movie but also engages everyone to be thoughtful about their choices.

Given Dole’s longstanding connection to Disney and Disney Parks, there is a sprinkling of magic in this partnership. Parents share stories about their childhood and make new memories with their own children.

As Bil Goldfield, Dole’s director of communications, said “For 100 years Disney has shown us that there’s no greater magic in the universe than a true wish in your heart. At Dole our wish is to make the world a healthier place. We are asking believers everywhere to share their wishes of health and happiness with us so they can inspire the world toward a better, brighter tomorrow.”

Dole Disney Wish inspired recipes

Disney Wish inspired recipes including Banana S’mores Breakfast Toast, photo provided by Dole

What are some of the new Dole Disney Wish inspired recipes?

As part of the “Making Healthy Wishes Comes True” campaign, the Dole Disney Wish inspired recipes highlight vegan, vegetarian, low fat and low sodium choices. More importantly, the recipes are ones that the whole family will appreciate. From sparkling beverages to sweet treats, there is an option for any and every palate.

Each of the recipes focuses on a particular character. While Disney fans have to wait a little longer to become fully familiar with the characters from the upcoming Disney movie, enjoying a taste of this experience will bring excitement both before and after viewing the movie.

Dole Disney Wish inspired recipes include Dole Stardust Raspberry Refresher

Dole Disney Wish inspired recipes include Dole Stardust Raspberry Refresher, photo provided by Dole

Here are some of the Dole Disney Wish inspired recipes.

  • Orange Wishing Tonic inspired by Asha
  • Wishing for S’mores Banana Toast celebrating Star (Vegan and Vegetarian)
  • Stardust Raspberry Refresher as a tribute to Dahlia (Vegetarian, Gluten-Free and Low-Sodium)
  • Enchanted Apple Crisp for Valentino (Vegan, Vegetarian and Low-Sodium)
  • Royal PB & Banana Brownies created for Queen Amaya (Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free and Low-Fat)
  • Mystic Green Elixir paying homage to King Magnifico (Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free and Low-Sodium)

As seen with this list, many of the dishes are fruit forward. Even though everyone appreciates that eating the rainbow is imperative, these colorful and flavorful ideas simplify the process. They feature favorite fruits and add a little fun to the mix.

Ready to get into the kitchen and bring a little magic to the table? When you wish, dreams, including healthy eating ones, can come true.