Lala Kent and Scheana Shay toast to personalized hydration with Ninja Thirsti, interview

Lala Kent and Scheana Shay share their love of the Ninja Thrist, photo provided by Ninja
Lala Kent and Scheana Shay share their love of the Ninja Thrist, photo provided by Ninja /

Lala Kent and Scheana Shay always have a lot to say. While the successful businesswomen, Vanderpump Rules cast members, and moms seem to tackle any and every project, they appreciate that staying hydrated is imperative to keep balance in their busy lives. With the help of Ninja Thirist, personalized hydration flows at the push of a button.

Throughout their many years of friendship, Lala and Scheana have seen more than most. While their current lives might be different from their first few seasons on Vanderpump Rules, the two successful businesswomen have come to appreciate what works for them. Never afraid to speak their mind, the pair appreciates that compromise is not necessarily part of that conversation.

Recently, the pair hosted “If You Can Dream It, You Can Drink It” in partnership with the Ninja Thirsti. As seen across beverage trends, drinkers want variety in their glass. From mocktails to energy drinks, the flavor should never be flat. Luckily, this kitchen essential brings the vibrant experience at the push of a button.

Ahead of the event, Lala Kent and Sheana Shay spoke to FoodSided about their Ninja Thirsti partnership, their hydration tips, and why they are never afraid to speak their mind.

While some people might find just drinking water boring, bringing a little flavor to the conversation is important. For Lala, who has been open about her sober lifestyle, it is all about the carbonation. She said, “it is all about how my bubbles are hitting. I live on sparkling water.”

Whether she wants to get wild with flavor or enjoys a more simple approach, there are options. Plus, Lala admitted, “with the Ninja Thirsti, I’m not using as many cans, which is good for the planet.”

For Scheana, she is a fan of the mid-day hydration boost. She said, “I always need a little mid-day boost. The caffeine pick-me up is the perfect pick me up instead of other beverages that can leave me jittery.”

For both ladies, the ability to customize their beverages is key. It is more than just a squeeze of lime. The dual flavor components allow for a multitude of flavor combinations. However, people choose to describe or name the beverage is up to them. Sometimes a creative catchphrase or statement might make that sip go down even smoother.

Even more important to the hydration conversation is an accountability partner. For Scheana, it might not be who everyone expects. Scheana said, “my accountability buddy is my daughter because he loves to make me my water in the morning. She makes sure that I stay hydrated when I’m so busy during the day.”

Conscious beverage choices, like mocktails, are more than just picking a less caloric option or appreciating a satisfying mouth feel. As both Lala and Scheana admitted, being well-hydrated has a wide impact.

Speaking to why Lala chose her sobriety path, she shared, “I’ve been sober for almost five years. People give it up for many reasons. For me, it was how I was feeling on the inside, and it impacts how you look on the outside. When you have hydration options that are more fun, it makes it easier.”

Ninja Thirsti with Lala Kent and Scheana Shay
Lala Kent and Scheana Shay share their love of the Ninja Thrist, photo provided by Ninja /

Scheana added her perspective and said, “there are times when I said why am I adding alcohol to the glass. I don’t need it. There is plenty of flavor without it.”

While the pair might have spent time in and around the hospitality industry, there is never a shortage of beverages on the table. Although some people might use that sip as a way to take a break, the ladies have a slightly different approach.

When asked, Lala mentioned, “Would we take that break? I wouldn’t have a job if I knew how to take that breath and think before I spoke. We say what’s on our mind with a drink in hand.”

Whether it a highly carbonated, flavorful mocktail or an energizing beverage, the Ninja Thirsti has every option at the push of a button. Why not serve it with some flare like the ladies from Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent and Scheana Shay. A little extra hydration is always worth the effort.

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The Ninja Thirsti Drink System can be found online and at various retailers. It has a suggested retail price of $179.99.