M&M’s Halloween Rescue Squad is ready to save Halloween

M&M'S Halloween Rescue Squad will save the day, photo provided by M&M'S
M&M'S Halloween Rescue Squad will save the day, photo provided by M&M'S /

The spookiest sight on Halloween is the dreaded darkened porch. From disappointed kids to disapproving looks from adults, running out of candy is the worst. Luckily, M&M’S Halloween Rescue Squad is ready to keep the frights away.

While there have been mathematical equations predicting the perfect candy amount or some people have a proven candy purchase method from years of experience, the reality is that no one wants to have an empty candy bowl on October 31. Putting aside the misguided teenager who dumps the unwatched bowl into the bag, people want to have just the right amount of candy to give. Digging in the pantry for an errant treat (please no canned goods) does not make for a fun night.

According to Mars, the parent company of M&M’s, “early half of Americans who celebrate Halloween have worried about running out of candy for trick-or-treaters and 89% say they have eaten at least some of the candy intended for trick-or-treaters prior to the big night.” While it is impossible to avoid grabbing one of those little bags of candy on a dreary afternoon, the reality is that running to the store during the high point of trick or treating is not ideal. Luckily, there is another solution.

The M&M’S Halloween Rescue Squad is here to save the day. Mars has partnered with GoPuff for the sweet solution. Starting at 3 p.m. on October 31, anyone running low on candy can visit mmshalloweenrescuesquad.com to get a needed candy delivery. The offer is available while supplies last. Like the best Halloween costumes, it is best to act early before the candy offer has disappeared.

Halloween Rescue Squad from M&M'S and Mars
M&M’S Halloween Rescue Squad will save the day, photo provided by M&M’S /

Speaking to this special offering, Tim LeBel, President of Sales and Chief Halloween Officer at Mars Wrigley said, “As the authority on Halloween, we plan for the season years in advance to ensure we satisfy shoppers’ needs. From our first ever M&M’S Halloween Rescue Squad to new product innovations, we’re doing everything we can to inspire more moments of everyday happiness this season.”

While everyone has Halloween candy preferences, a new flavor, M&M’S Campfire S’mores might be a great choice for the spooky season. It brings that classic flavor without the effort.

Plus, these M&M’S can be combined with more marshmallow for double the s’mores flavor. Adding these M&M’S into a cereal treat dessert is delicious.

This year, avoid all the tricks on Halloween. The spooky factor should come from all the ghouls and goblins running around, not the lack of candy to hand out.

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