Thomas’ Breads adds Croissant Bread and brings back a fan favorite for the holidays

Thomas' Breads adds Croissant Bread, photo provided by Thomas' Breads
Thomas' Breads adds Croissant Bread, photo provided by Thomas' Breads /

Whether it is an English Muffin, bread, or a bagel, Thomas’ Breads has always delivered flavorful options for breakfast and beyond. Ahead of the holidays, the food brand has added Croissant Bread to its line-up and brought back the fan favorite Cranberry offerings. Ready to get toasting?

Many people love a great, flaky croissant. From the honeycomb pattern to the buttery flavor, the pastry can be a delicious bite. But, sometimes the shape may not be convenient for some uses.

With the new Thomas’ Breads Croissant Bread, the flavor and texture of a croissant is transformed into a traditional bread shape. Whether topped with butter and jam or used for sandwiches, everyone will enjoy finding many ways to enjoy it.

Going into the holidays, the Croissant Bread would be fabulous used in a French Toast. As the eggy custard infuses its flavor into those slices, the bread could be topped simply with fruit or an over the top offering with candied pecans, syrup and whipped cream. It might be fun to set up a French Toast bar with all the possibilities.

Croissant Bread from Thomas' Breads
Thomas’ Breads adds Croissant Bread, photo provided by Thomas’ Breads /

Also, why not consider using Croissant Bread as the bread component in a stuffing. Instead of a heavy cornbread or a bland white bread, this option could be the star side dish for the holidays.

Thomas’ Breads has brought back another holiday favorite, its cranberry breads. The cranberry flavor has not been available since 2018.

Available in English Muffins, Bagels, and Swirl Bread, the tart, sweet fruit adds a pop of flavor in every bite. The Cranberry offerings are available at various retailers now, for a limited time. Check with stores for pricing and availability.

The Thomas’ Breads Croissant Bread will hit shelves starting on October 16. The rollout is limited to Northeastern locations. The suggested retail price is $5.99.

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