Adults label this treat as a worst Halloween candy trick

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As everyone stocks up for the big day, this classic treat might be loved by kids. Unfortunately, adults said it is the worst Halloween candy trick in the bowl. Is there a definite answer to this sweet food debate?

Many people love a best and worst list. The rankings often cause a spirited debate. It might not be as divisive as ketchup on a hot dog or beans in chili, but people love a food list.

While everyone appreciates that the spookiest aspect of Halloween is an empty candy bowl, the reality is that all those treats are part of the fun. Kids spend hours sorting that “loot.” Parents might try to sneak a piece or two when no one is looking. Since no one wants candy left through the holiday season, it might be best to be thoughtful with all those purchases.

Popular choices, like Reese’s, M&M’S, and even Skittles, always rank highly. Candy corn can be controversial, but there are some other candies that have recently earned the worst trick Halloween candy label.

According to a new food survey, Jawbreaker is the candy that adults label the worst Halloween candy trick to receive. That candy is followed by Atomic Fireball, Bit-O-Honey, Blow Pops and Hot Tamales.

Although the reasoning why these candies earned the ire from adults, it might be because they are hard to eat. Putting that entire Jawbreaker in your mouth is not comfortable and it takes a while to consume. The name seems to describe the eating experience.

Also, the candies on this list can be a little sticky or can get stuck to your teeth. No one wants to break a tooth as a result of eating something sweet. That scenario is never a good idea.

In contrast, many people enjoy these candies. It might not be an every day option, but Halloween is a special occasion. That costume might bring a little confidence. It might be time to eat something a little different.

But, like any food, it is always good to try an item. At the same time, you do not have to finish it or eat it again. After a few licks or bites, it is permissible to throw it away. Food should never be frightful.

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