Bobby Berk celebrates a pumpkin spice fall moment in and around the table

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Whether the tree’s leaves have transformed with vibrant colors or the chilly nights have not yet taken over, many people are wanting to have that pumpkin spice fall moment. There is a sense of cozy, comfort in that warm welcoming feeling. For Bobby Berk, that space can be transformed with a few key choices.

Many people cannot get enough of pumpkin spice season. While Starbucks celebrates 20 years of that infamous latte, creating a welcoming space that celebrates all things fall is more than just the beverage in the mug. Luckily, Bobby Berk has some suggestions.

During a recent conversation with Bobby through his Starbucks partnership, he mentioned that pumpkin spice season makes him start thinking of the holidays. Whether it is within that local store or brewing a cup at home, it makes him appreciate that the holidays are around the corner.

That moment can happen anywhere. From Miami Beach to the chilly New York City, the weather outside can vary, but the feeling that those seasonal flavors evokes a reaction.

As Bobby said, “our senses are not just about sight, it is about smell and taste. I think that transporting yourself into that fall mentality and fall mood by having the smell of pumpkin spice in your home is the best way to do that. Whether it is that Starbucks K-Cup or brewed coffee, that aroma builds and the taste is delicious.”

Starbucks pumpkin spice fall moments with Bobby Berk
Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Fall line-up, photo provided by Starbucks /

From there, the moment can build. Even just setting a tray with that seasonal, inviting coffee and some ginger cookies is an option. Bobby loves that food and beverage pairing, with his preferred pumpkin spice cold brew with a splash of oat milk. Whether it is a simple cookie or a fun shaped one, it is a warm, comforting, and a little spicy combination that satisfies.

While the food and beverages are a starting point, creating a fulfilling space is equally important. Since many people look to Bobby for his keen decorating eye, he has some simple suggestions to transform a space without pulling everything apart.

For him, the starting point is color. Even if it is swapping a simple throw pillow, that alteration can bring the seasonal change front and center. Or, he used to have a focal wall where he would change the color every season. No matter how big or small the change, the color invites the eyes to appreciate that seasonal difference.

From there, Bobby recommended using items that are readily available. If storage is a concern, natural items like pumpkins or other gourds make sense. As the calendar page turns from fall to winter, those autumnal items can be composted or repurposed in another way. The thoughtful design happens before walking into the store. Appreciating the how and why a space comes together is vital.

In some ways, that concept is at the heart of his new book, Right At Home. While there are design elements, ideas and approaches, it pushes the reader to take a deeper look at what they want their home to express.

Bobby said, “it is all about how your home can really affect so many aspects of your life. It isn’t about filling your home full of pretty things. It is about having a home full of things that make you happy.”

“The first chapter of the book is about asking questions. What is my favorite vacation or what is my favorite piece of clothing? It is thinking about things outside of your home that make you happy because those are the items that need to fill your home. It is about making your home work for you.”

As Bobby went on to explain, it is an internal reflection that helps the individual create their unique space. He said, “this book is all about empowering you. Only you know what makes you tick and what makes you happy. While there are elements of structure, design, rules of scale, and other teachable concepts, design is about the person. This book is about empowering you to really put things in your home that make you happy. At the end of the day, your home is not a magazine, nor is it for your friends. It is your space.”

While opening the door to someone’s home should reveal a little something about their personality and their experiences, a warm welcome deserves to be on the table as well. Creating a moment around pumpkin spice season could spark a fun conversation. Brew a Starbucks coffee, set the plate with some food, and enjoy the moment. Before anyone realizes, peppermint mocha season will be here.

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