Walmart’s 2023 Thanksgiving Dinner prices roll back even bigger savings

2023 Thanksgiving Dinner prices roll back more at Walmart, photo provided by Walmart
2023 Thanksgiving Dinner prices roll back more at Walmart, photo provided by Walmart /

Even though empty shelves from years ago might have become a faded memory, food shopping continues to have its difficulties. Consumers struggle to fill the cart without emptying their wallets. With Walmart’s 2023 Thanksgiving Dinner prices, shoppers will appreciate that this year’s spending will be even less.

The holiday season is quickly approaching. While people look forward to the time together, those moments are often surrounded by food. Sometimes it can be easier to find some common ground with Uncle Eddie when everyone is passing a bowl of mashed potatoes.

In a recent announcement, Walmart shared that 92% of consumers are concerned about “inflation and its impact on holiday celebrations.” While that sentiment might put a damper on all the cheer, the retail brand is hoping to make a difference within their stores.

2023 Thanksgiving Dinner prices roll back more at Walmart
2023 Thanksgiving Dinner prices roll back more at Walmart, photo provided by Walmart /

According to John Furner, president and chief executive officer, Walmart U.S., “Saving money remains a top priority for our customers, and this holiday season, we’re building on the investments we made last year knowing they need it now more than ever. We’re better positioned than ever before to deliver on our purpose, to help customers save money and live better, especially during the most exciting time of the year. We’re ready to deliver the omni shopping experience we know our customers want and need, it’s going to be a great holiday season at Walmart.”

Addressing these concerns directly, the 2023 Thanksgiving Dinner prices are even lower than last year. In addition to fully stocking the classic holiday food items like turkeys, hams, and all those side dishes, the cost for those classic food items will be lower. Given that Walmart saved consumers $1 billion on their shopping, the brand is committed to increasing that tally.

Whether it is a family gathering, friends celebration, or just a personal desire to enjoy that turkey with all the sides, the savings start on November 1. In addition, the announcement allows consumers to plan their spending. With fewer surprises, the focus goes back onto what really matters, enjoying each other’s company.

Although nothing is ever free, the savings coupled with the convenience are drivers to bring customers through the door. Even though the food is the centerpiece of the holiday gathering, it is the gathering that makes the moment memorable. If one brand can find a way to eliminate a small stressful portion, loyalty can be formed.

With the holiday shopping season quickly approaching, this Walmart announcement will hopefully lighten the load. Now, it is time to focus on executing that perfect dinner.

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