Padma Lakshmi celebrates the new Sprinkles Diwali Cupcake

Padma Lakshmi discusses the new Sprinkles Diwali Cupcake, photo provided by Sprinkles
Padma Lakshmi discusses the new Sprinkles Diwali Cupcake, photo provided by Sprinkles /

While Diwali celebrations are full of sweet treats, the new Sprinkles Diwali Cupcake sparks a conversation about the Festival of Lights for a wider audience. Padma Lakshmi invites everyone to enjoy this flavorful dessert and learn a little more about the annual event.

Over the years, Sprinkles has been part of many celebrations. In addition, it has leveraged various partnerships to bring elevated flavors to its cupcakes. Whether it is incorporating a particular spirit or a colorful, sweet interpretation, there is always a reason to enjoy another cupcake.

This year, the iconic cupcake brand has partnered with Padma Lakshmi to offer a new treat just in time for a big holiday celebration. The Sprinkles Diwali Cupcake is a vibrant, sweet offering that will be the centerpiece of many people’s tables.

For those unfamiliar, Diwali is known as the Festival of Lights. While some people may have seen the colorful celebrations, sweets are a centerpiece of the gatherings. Even though some families might have traditional recipes, others might be looking for new choices to put on the table.

Sprinkles Diwali Cupcake with Padma Lakshmi
Padma Lakshmi discusses the new Sprinkles Diwali Cupcake, photo provided by Sprinkles /

Speaking to this special offering, Lakshmi said, “Diwali is celebrated by over 1 billion people worldwide. It’s inspiring to see Sprinkles acknowledging this festival on their national platform. The Mango Lassi flavor brings to life memories from South Asia, featuring the vibrant taste of fresh mango curd and the sweet aroma of cardamom and cinnamon. I’m excited for everyone to share a very special piece of my heritage.”

Many people might have enjoyed a mango lassi in another form. The popular yogurt beverage is quite refreshing. This particular cupcake transforms those traditional in a different way.

Sprinkles Diwali Cupcake mango lassi flavor
Sprinkles Diwali Cupcake mango lassi flavor, photo provided by Sprinkles /

The cupcake starts with a mango cake which has a bright, zesty mango curd center. The frosting brings a depth of flavor. The cinnamon brings a warmth while the cardamom brings a depth of flavor to the yogurt frosting.

Although the sweet treat will have many people running to enjoy that first bite, there is more to this offering. As part of Sprinkles partnership with Lakshmi, an upfront donation to Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project has been made.

As Sprinkles CMO Michelle Wong said, “We are thrilled to have the nation’s most renowned culinary icon and activist collaborate with Sprinkles to create a cupcake that celebrates South Asian flavors. Through this partnership, we are proud to support Shanti Bhavan, a non-profit organization that provides opportunities in education for underprivileged children in India.”

The Sprinkles Diwali Cupcake will be available November 1. The cupcakes retail for $6 each and can be ordered for pick-up or delivery.

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