More restaurants are willing to satisfy those late night cravings

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While the food delivery space has made any and every food choice possible throughout the day, the late night cravings have had a limited offerings. When the fridge is bare, it is time to let someone else do the cooking. Luckily, more quick service restaurants are adding these services to the delight of many guests.

Although some people think of those late night munchies as just college students or people who are coming home after a fun night out, some people have different days. People might not work that 9-5 or maybe they prefer to extend their day a little longer. No matter the reason, restaurants want to satisfy those late night cravings.

According to the Uber Cravings Report, college cravings surge after midnight. Specifically, Uber said, college cravings are up. “Penn State took the lead once again this year with the most late night (12-4am) orders on Uber Eats, followed by University of Iowa, University of Illinois and Texas A&M University.”

While those locales might earn top billing, the reality is that those late-night cravings are not limited to just college students. Insomnia Cookies has created a huge business with those warm, sweet cookies delivered to the door.

Insomnia Cookes Freddy Fazbear’s Cookie Pizza
Insomnia Cookes Freddy Fazbear’s Cookie Pizza, photo provided by Insomnia Cookies /

Just in time for the spooky season, the Insomnia Cookies is leveraging a new partnership with Blumhouse and its Five Nights at Freddy’s movie. Available through October 31, the Freddy Fazbear’s Cookie Pizza is “a Classic flavor crust, a Classic flavor topping, and a choice of icing, a drizzle, and an additional candy topping that’s slashed into 8 slices and served in a terrifying, limited-edition Five Nights at Freddy’s box sleeve.”

Continuing the spooky season late night fun, Chipotle is back with its Boo-rito and it will be available later into the evening. For the first time ever, the popular quick service restaurant will stay open late in select college towns.

Chipotle Boo-rito late night cravings
Chipotle Boo-Rito is back and colleges can order it for late-night, photo provided by Chipotle /

Focusing on 53 locations where college students eat the most Chipotle, the restaurants will stay open until midnight. In addition, guests can enjoy a $6 digital entrée offer with the code BOORITO at checkout.

While the spooky season has some restaurants staying open through the witching hour, others are looking beyond the holiday. Recently, Pizza Hut announced that various locations would be staying open later. It is more than just the college demographic that wants the late-night cravings. It is time to change the open sign to a more encompassing time frame.

According to a recent Pizza Hut announcement, thousands of Pizza Hut locations across the U.S. will stay open till midnight or later. Some locations will stay open till 2 a.m. Depending on the location, guests can order for carryout or delivery.

It seems that the late night cravings will be satisfied. Whether it is delivery, drive-thru, or something else on the horizon, the open sign is going to stay on a little longer.

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