Pure Leaf and Martha Stewart celebrate the don’t do it yourself idea

Pure Leaf and Martha Stewart Don't Do It Yourself Campaign, photo provided by Pure Leaf
Pure Leaf and Martha Stewart Don't Do It Yourself Campaign, photo provided by Pure Leaf /

Over the years, Pure Leaf has celebrated the art of taking a break, a willingness to say no, and appreciating that me time. Martha Stewart always puts good things first. Now the pair have collaborated to raise a glass to the homebrewed flavor of that popular iced tea.

When Martha talks, people listen. Whether it is a cooking tip or a DIY hack, she has guided many people to a complete all those projects. Even if the process might have a few more steps than realized, the journey is worth the effort.

But, Martha is never afraid to embrace a hack or two. Over the years, she has shown how multi-purpose items and food ingredients can be the viable solution to various problems. All those years of experience pay off.

In a recent partnership with Pure Leaf, Martha is giving everyone permission to take the simple solution, enjoying a glass of that ready made tea. By making a little extra time in the day, people can focus on other activities, like that favorite DIY project.

As Julie Raheja-Perera, General Manager, North America, Pepsi Lipton Partnership said, “We love to hear that nearly 90% of tea-lovers agree we’re just as good. When we sought out to find the right partner for this campaign, there was only one DIY icon: Martha Stewart. And when she shared with us that Pure Leaf is her secret hosting hack – we knew it was a perfect partnership. It was written in the tea leaves if you will! With this campaign, we hope to free up a little extra time for our devout DIYers, so they can find time to pick up new hobbies (like Martha did!) or simply use it to focus on what matters most to them.”

The Don’t Do It Yourself concept gives everyone permission to pour not brew. As seen in this clip, Martha agrees. She is putting that extra time to good use. Maybe it is time for the harp to step into a new musical genre.

While the campaign is a little humorous, the concept plays into the ideas that Pure Leaf has been touting for a while. People should have permission to put themselves first. Whether it is enjoying a new hobby or saying no to taking on another task, the reality is that life is about enjoyment. Taking some items off the list is fine. Putting yourself first is even better.

To celebrate the Don’t Do It Yourself attitude, Pure Leaf is giving away Pure Leaf x Martha Stewart DDIY Kits. More information can be found on the brand’s website.

Are you ready to enjoy the simple, flavorful solution? Taking one of those to-do items off the list might reveal a new passion. It might not be the harp, but it could be an activity that makes your day a little brighter.

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