Delicious cheese and candy pairings that are full of flavorful treats

Cheese and candy pairings, photo provided by Cristine Struble
Cheese and candy pairings, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

While the kids might be longing for an overflowing candy bag, the adults might prefer to have a different experience for Halloween. These cheese and candy pairings are far from spooky. The flavor combination will have people rethinking that seasonal cheese board.

For many people, the idea of candy and cheese might not be an obvious food pairing. A glass of wine, a cocktail, or even a piece of chocolate are approachable concepts. The familiar combinations have been experienced. But, they do not have to be the only option available.

Candy trends are not limited to one category. Chewy, sour, and even spicy options get attention. Even seasonal candies must be enjoyed at least once, regardless of being controversial.

As more people are looking to find new food experiences, cheese and candy pairings could be the fun option to enjoy for the spooky season. Whether it makes a person rediscover why they love a particular cheese or gives them a new perspective on a candy, there are only upsides to this eating experience.

Cheese and candy pairings that deserve a second taste

Marieke Mature Gouda & Candy Corn

While candy corn has both its fans and detractors, the reality is that this candy and cheese pairing will have people taking a second look at that treat. The award winning Marieke Gouda has long been a favorite. Whether paired with a bourbon or enjoyed transformed into a delicious brunch dish, the gouda made in the traditional Dutch style is always a hit with cheese lovers.

By pairing the Marieke Mature Gouda with the candy corn, it brings out the sweetness. While there is a butterscotch note, there is a textural component that is quite enjoyable. This gouda has some tyrosine crystals which are like little treasures in each bite. Contrasting the softness of the candy corn, it is quite satisfying.

Carr Valley Cave Aged Bandaged Cheddar & A Peanut Butter Cup

While no one is ever sorry to enjoy that peanut butter cup, sometimes there is a need to put the sweetness in the background. With this cheese and candy pairing, the Carr Valley Cave Aged Bandaged Cheddar has matured into its flavor character. While far from stodgy, the cheese proves that age deserved to be celebrated.

When paired with the peanut butter cup, the cheese’s earthiness is front and center. In addition, the nutty qualities are on display. It is time to steal a few more of those candies from the kids’ bags to keep this food pairing on the plate.

Roth Grand Cru & A Twix

Whether there is really a difference between the right side and the left of a Twix can be debated, but the classic candy brings a textural component with its crispy center. With this cheese and candy pairing, it is all about the sweet and salty. The Roth Grand Cru has a luscious texture. When offset with the crunchiness of the TWIX and highlighting the salt in the cheese, it can be difficult to not eat an entire plate.

These are just a few of the many cheese and candy pairings that could change the food conversation on Halloween. Don’t be frightened by the concept. It might cast you under its spell.

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