Terrifying Tampa Halloween events that frighten at every turn

Howl-O-Scream Orlando, photo provided by SeaWorld Orlando
Howl-O-Scream Orlando, photo provided by SeaWorld Orlando /

Whether the story is real or fictional, terrifying Tampa Halloween attractions have people screaming in delight. Although the darkened corners might have people treading cautiously toward that opening, the reality is people want to scream, then laugh, and repeat the whole process again.

Haunted attractions take center stage around Halloween. Beyond the costumes, cocktails, and celebrations, it is the moment that brings people to those fights. That blend of the unexpected with the willingness to step into the experience which brings people back time and again.

Earlier this year, a study showed that screaming can be cathartic. It might not be as satisfying as smashing items to pieces, but that panic filled moment offers a sense of release. The perceived danger without real peril appeals to many.

A popular terrifying Tampa experience is Howl-O-Scream Busch Gardens. The annual event lets the twisted, creative minds present stories that play into some deeply rooted fears. For example, this year’s carnival might appear to be a fun house. In reality, there is nothing jovial waiting under that big top.

From the person who has attends the Halloween theme park event every year or is stepping through the gates for the first time, the event is full of thrills, chills, and a little laughter along the way. Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream runs through Halloween.

For the person who seeks a more intense haunted house experience, consider visiting Scream-a-geddon. While a stop in the beer garden might hope to calm the nerves, the reality is that strolling the midway is not as simple as it seems.

There is no hiding in this haunted experience. Those easily frightened might prefer to stay on the comfort of their couch. It takes the terror up another notch.

While extreme frights appeal to a specific crowd, there are less extreme option available. Spooky Point at Selby Gardens looks to nature for some seasonal inspiration. Bat Orchids and Spider Orchids might have creepy names, but this nighttime walk through the woods is quite enjoyable.

Beyond the fictional and nature’s inspired Halloween events, some Tampa areas have spirits roaming the space all year long. Given Ybor City’s and surrounding areas rich history, there are plenty of stories that have had a few people looking over their shoulder.

For example, there are several hotels that are said to be haunted. Whether or not there is an extra guest staying in the room can be debated. Still, many people seek these destinations just for the chance at a sighting.

One of the most talked about haunted locations is The Cuban Club. Whether or not it is a spirit twinkling the piano keys can be debated, but it is talked about during the spooky season. For those looking for a hitchhiking guest, the elevator can have some extra patrons that do not add to the weight capacity.

Other places in Tampa can easily be part of the terrifying Tampa Halloween category. From theaters to hotels to even University of Tampa, there are plenty of places that embrace that hauntingly good time.

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