Blue Moon Thanksgiving Seasonings bring a bright, flavorful twist to holiday favorites

Blue Moon Thanksgiving Seasonings, photo provided by Blue Moon
Blue Moon Thanksgiving Seasonings, photo provided by Blue Moon /

From the classic turkey to the favorite stuffing, the old-school recipes are ready for an update this season. With Blue Moon Thanksgiving Seasonings, the popular Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale is ready to bring a little extra flavor to the holiday food conversation.

Many people have a favorite beer and Blue Moon is one of them. Whether it is the orange slice served in the glass or the drinkability, the beer can be enjoyed in many ways. From a classic burger to even a sweet dessert, the versatility has made it a staple in my people’s refrigerators.

For the holiday season, the beer brand is sharing a new offering. After last year’s successful Pie Pints, the brand is moving in a savory direction, Blue Moon Thanksgiving Seasons. The two offerings, one sweet and one savory, will have cooks sipping and shaking.

Blue Moon Thanksgiving Seasonings
Blue Moon Thanksgiving Seasonings, photo provided by Blue Moon /

The Blue Moon Zesty Seasoning puts the coriander notes front and center. That herbaceous quality allows it to fit seamlessly into a variety of dishes. There is a brightness from a salty citrus note which heightens the subtle hops. Whether sprinkled on mashed potatoes or seasoning a turkey, the Blue Moon Zesty Seasoning can flavor the whole meal.

For a sweeter note, the Blue Moon Pie Pint Seasoning is perfect for holiday baking. Whether it is that pie pint, bread pudding, or other holiday dessert, there are plenty of ideas to spark that culinary creativity.

If buying, not baking, is preferred, the Blue Moon Pie Pints are back. This year, there are four new pie flavors to enjoy, Zesty Pumpkin Spice Pie, Tangy Citrus Apple Twist Pie, Key Lime Coconut Crumble Pie, and Chocolate Citrus Haze Pie. In partnership with Austin’s Tiny Pies, the little treats can be used as an orange slice swap or just enjoyed on their own. It is best to not dunk the pies in the beer. Like a soggy bottom, a beer-soaked pie might not be the optimum enjoyment.

Both the Blue Moon Thanksgiving Seasonings and the Blue Moon Pie Pints can be purchased online. The seasonings are $11.29. The pies are $27.30. Available while supplies last, 21 and over can order via and

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