Morimoto Asia’s beverage director reveals the inspiration behind the holiday cocktails

Morimoto Asia holiday cocktails include Toji Moon, photo provided by Morimoto Asia
Morimoto Asia holiday cocktails include Toji Moon, photo provided by Morimoto Asia /

While the Florida temperatures might be more balmy than frosty, Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs has unveiled some of its holiday cocktails. Combining beverage trends with seasonal favorites, these cocktails will have everyone feeling a little extra cheerful.

The impeccable dining experience featuring Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s delicious dishes delights guests every time they sit at the table. From simple bites to over the top creations, diners are always impressed with the flavor, execution and creativity on the plate.

While the food might be the initial draw, the Morimoto Asia’s beverage program is equally as stunning. The carefully curated offerings not only pair well with the food choices but also showcase the program’s willingness to evolve the menu based on seasonality and trends.

Recently, Diana Ly, Beverage Manager at Morimoto Asia Disney Springs, shared some insight on Morimoto Asia’s holiday cocktails. She said:

“At Morimoto Asia, we always ensure we are up to date with trending cocktails and seasonal flavors, and make sure to use a variety of spirits when crafting a cocktail menu. We also take a deep dive into our garnishes, as the look is just as important as taste. Ingredients and flavor profiles are carefully thought out with a lot of research and development. Cocktails are tasted, revised, and finalized for over a month before we release our perfect concoctions.”

Looking at several of the offerings, the detail in each of these cocktails is apparent. From moments that sparkle and shine to others that capture the coziness of the season, enjoying a libation at the bar or table is a reason to celebrate, toast to friendship, and anticipate another great year ahead.

As Ly explained, the holiday cocktails feature a flavor for every preference. Explaining, “at Morimoto Asia, we take pride in everything we do – from our atmosphere, food, service, and of course, our cocktails. Our seasonal cocktails have a range of flavor profiles. Whether you are looking for something sweet, bitter, savory, earthy, spirit-forward or refreshing, you can find it here.”

Morimoto Asia holiday cocktails
Morimoto Asia holiday cocktails include Toji Moon, photo provided by Morimoto Asia /

Morimoto Asia’s holiday cocktails include: Yokai, Kyuri and Spicy, Toji Moon, After Midnight, Forever Young, and a Maker Mark Flight. Ly made one recommendation. “My personal favorite cocktail is Forever Young. This cocktail is a riff on a negroni. I love the bittersweet notes at the end.”

Looking at the various holiday cocktails, the beverages blend Japanese culture with familiar flavors. While each one is rooted in a story or tradition, each one is enjoyable on its own or paired with one of the many menu items.

For example, the Toji Moon refers to the winter solstice, toji. While the edible glitter sparkles, the yuzu flavor refers to the yuzu-infused bath that is often enjoyed on the day. It is an invigorating taste.

Whether guests enjoy one or go back visit after visit to enjoy them all, there are plenty of reasons to visit Morimoto Asia this holiday season. Raise a glass to good company and lasting memories.

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