Wild Turkey Generations captures the Russell family’s storied craftsmanship

Wild Turkey Generations, Russell Family distillers, photo provided by Wild Turkey
Wild Turkey Generations, Russell Family distillers, photo provided by Wild Turkey /

In the whiskey world, the Russell name is legendary and has turned Wild Turkey into the brand that it is today. Wild Turkey Generations celebrates that craft and dedication that the Russell family provides.

The limited, rare release, Wild Turkey Generations is a unique offering from the storied liquor brand. While Jimmy, Eddie and Bruce Russell have each brought their own perspectives to the various offering throughout the years, this spirit infuses each of their flavor preferences and captures them into a single bottle.

Speaking to this special whiskey, Wild Turkey Associate Blender Bruce Russell, said “With Generations, we set out to make a whiskey that was truly a celebration of family and bold spirit. My dad always says we are more than the name on the bottle – and this was my first opportunity to bring my own point of view while also applying everything I’ve learned from him and my granddad. We love this whiskey and are so proud of the story it tells.”

Each of the Russell men have their distinct point of view when it comes to crafting whiskey. In this extremely rare release, the contrasts of grandfather and grandson’s preference for bold flavors with the father’s inclination for vanilla, honey-forward flavors make for a rounded spirit that captures the best of all the characteristics.

According to Wild Turkey Master Distiller Jimmy Russell, “I’ve made some great whiskies throughout my career, and Generations is going in my hall of fame. The experience of working with my son and grandson to create a blend that celebrates our family and tradition has been a highlight of my career.”

Wild Turkey Generations
Wild Turkey Generations, Russell Family distillers, photo provided by Wild Turkey /

This special release blends four bourbons, aged 9, 12, 14, and 15 years. The high-proof offering takes the storied liquor company in a new direction, one that no one else can do because of the Russell family legacy.

According to the brand, Wild Turkey Generations is a multi-faceted spirit that brings the sweetness with vanillas and caramels then gives way to bolder, warm notes of pepper and a subtle oak. That balance of sweet, a touch of spice, and an underlining oak showcases the uniqueness to this offering.

At first, the aroma feels a touch nostalgic, but it builds to something new. The clove feels festive and welcoming, like the moments enjoyed around the holidays. Combined with baked apple, toffee and other spices, the aroma invites drinkers to linger a little longer before that first sip.

Overall, the complexity of this specialty release will never be matched. For those fortunate enough to get a bottle, it will be a coveted possession to enjoy on the most special occasions.

Wild Turkey Generations is a 120.8 proof. The bottle features the etched signatures of Jimmy, Eddie and Bruce Russell.

Approximately 5,000 bottles will be available for purchase. The suggested price is $450.00. For more information on the pre-sale and how sign-up to potentially purchase a bottle can be found via the Wild Turkey newsletter.

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