Join the Barefoot Bandwagon Box and raise a glass to football fandom

Barefoot Bandwagon Box and Donna Kelce, photo provided by Barefoot
Barefoot Bandwagon Box and Donna Kelce, photo provided by Barefoot /

While some people might have grown up understanding the difference between a slant pass and an end route, others are new to all the football ins and outs. Luckily, everyone’s favorite football mom and Barefoot Wine are making the rest of the season even more enjoyable. Ready to join the Barefoot Bandwagon Box?

Football is even more enjoyable when there are plenty of food and beverage options on the table. While some people prefer particular snacks and others must grab a frosty cold one, the reality is that those Sunday games should be served with options that people like, like an approachable glass of wine.

Barefoot is the Official Wine Sponsor of the NFL. A popular wine poured by a diverse audience, the well-known brand has long believed that wine should be approachable. Even if some people want to do a deep dive into terroir or blends, others just want to drink wine. There should be no barrier to entry to enjoying a glass of wine.

According to Jen Wall, Barefoot Winemaker, “Barefoot regularly welcomes more new wine drinkers to the category than any other wine brand, making us the perfect partner for these emerging fans. We want new fans to enjoy the game, and their glass of wine, just as much as everyone else – no expertise needed.”

That wine conversation is similar to what some people are experiencing in the football world. There are people who can quote stats, have perfected their fantasy team, and can debate the better call on third and long. Others just want to enjoy a spirited competition and have some fun with friends.

With the Barefoot Bandwagon Box, everyone is welcome to the event. Whether that love of football fades like last summer’s biggest hit remains to be seen. But, for the moment, everyone can join the Sunday celebration.

Everyone’s favorite football mom, Donna Kelce is that warm, welcoming figure to help football fans and newbies raise a glass to the best defensive plays and the epic scores. In partnership with Barefoot, some lucky people will get to see one of this season’s most anticipated games.

Donna Kelce said, “As a seasoned football mom, I have loved welcoming so many new fans to the game. Being a fan of Barefoot Wine, especially their delicious Pinot Grigio, I couldn’t resist when they approached me to collaborate with them on their mission to make wine and football easier to enjoy. It was an easy yes from me! I’m looking forward to the Barefoot Bandwagon Box and answering any questions new fans may have while we sip wine and, of course, cheer for both teams that day!”

The Barefoot Bandwagon Box is a special giveaway where four lucky people will attend the Philadelphia vs. Kansas City Super Bowl LVII rematch on November 20. Joining the winners will be Donna Kelce and Jen Wall. While everyone might not be trading friendship bracelets, they will be enjoying a few sips of that popular wine.

More information on the contest, Barefoot wine, and more can be found on the brand’s social media channels.

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