McCormick Holiday Doughnut Bites Collection is a taste of sweet holiday magic

McCormick Holiday Doughnut Bites Collection from McCormick and Dough Doughnuts, photo provided by McCormick
McCormick Holiday Doughnut Bites Collection from McCormick and Dough Doughnuts, photo provided by McCormick /

In many homes, McCormick and its many food products have flavored holiday traditions. From that signature turkey that is the centerpiece of the table to the delicious pumpkin pie that ends the feast, cooks have come to trust McCormick. Through a special partnership with Dough Doughnuts, the McCormick Holiday Doughnut Bites Collection changes the holiday meal conversation forever.

Recent food trends show that cooks are willing to experiment with flavors. It is more than just a bolder, globally influenced spice or a pungent note that captivates the palate. People are willing to take the familiar flavors and present them in a new way.

That concept has been front and center this holiday season. That classic Thanksgiving feast is no longer limited to just the traditional meal. Savory, sweet, and a combination of those tastes inspire a conversation, hopefully a less controversial one than the questions from grandma.

For the holiday season, the limited-edition McCormick Holiday Doughnut Bites Collection transforms a three-course meal into delectable doughnuts. While Dough Doughnuts has been delighting guests with its impressive offerings for the past 12 years, this special collection is one that everyone will be talking about for years to come.

McCormick Holiday Doughnut Bites Collection from McCormick and Dough Doughnuts
McCormick Holiday Doughnut Bites Collection from McCormick and Dough Doughnuts, photo provided by McCormick /

According to Giovanna DiLegge, Vice President Marketing, NA Consumer at McCormick, “At McCormick, we believe that flavor can transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Our collaboration with Dough Doughnuts is a celebration of the traditions and seasonal flavors that bring families and friends together during the holidays. We hope our reinvention of classic holiday dishes in bite-sizes allow fans nationwide to share in the joy, nostalgia, and taste of the season.”

Steven Klein, Partner at Dough Doughnuts concurs with those statements and explains, “Our trio of holiday bite-sized doughnuts combines our artistry with the iconic flavors McCormick offers. We used a dash of innovation and a sprinkle of tradition to create doughnuts that present familiar holiday flavors in a quirky yet delicious way.”

Although some people might scoff at this food concept, it deserves a moment of contemplation. Beyond the blurred lines of sweet and savory, it is the willingness to embrace culinary creativity that should be celebrated. It might not be traditional to serve a gravy doughnut, but it should not be dismissed without taking a bite.

McCormick Holiday Doughnut Bites Collection trio of sweet and savory flavors
McCormick Holiday Doughnut Bites Collection trio of sweet and savory flavors, photo provided by McCormick /

What are the flavors of the McCormick Holiday Doughnut Bites Collection?

The specialty, limited-edition McCormick Holiday Doughnut Bites Collection features three flavors, It’s All Gravy, Cranberry Craze, and Pumpkin to Talk About. While two of the three flavors seem approachable, it is the gravy doughnut that should be the first bite.

It’s All Gravy is a combination of sweet and savory. Starting with a McCormick Brown Gravy-infused dough, the maple cheesecake filling contrasts with luscious creaminess with hits of ground black pepper. Topped with a brown gravy glaze, ground sage and some stuffing crumbles, the combination of slightly sweet with savory and spice is quite enjoyable.

The contrast of the black pepper and garlic with the maple cheesecake is quite good. For those people who skip dessert after a meal, this doughnut would be a great compromise. It showcases that a dessert does not always have to be a heaping spoonful of sugar.

The Cranberry Craze doughnut will have everyone asking for another serving, even for those people who normally skip that Thanksgiving side dish. The combination of the cranberry jam with McCormick Rosemary Leaves creates a well-balanced note. The tartness of the fruit with the herbaceous flavor satisfies.

In addition, the contrast of textures from the doughnut and the dried cranberries is enjoyable. Consider enjoying this doughnut with a mimosa at brunch for a lovely food and beverage combination.

Lastly, the Pumpkin To Talk About is a take on the iconic pumpkin pie. While all the classic pumpkin pie spices are present, it is how they are combined that takes the flavor to another level. From the creamy filling to meringue topping, it could inspire a new version of that holiday dessert.

The McCormick Holiday Bites Doughnut Collection is available to order online. The dozen is sold in a collectible holiday tin and retails for $69.00 per dozen. Available through the holiday season, orders can be made via

This holiday season the traditional meal does not have to be presented in the same way. Like a great conversation that pushes people a little out of their comfort zone, a holiday treat that is a little out of the box can make the season even more joyful.

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