Dr Pepper Hot Take has Pepper Perks members cheering the bold flavor

Dr Pepper Hot Take, new limited edition spicy beverage, photo provided by Dr Pepper
Dr Pepper Hot Take, new limited edition spicy beverage, photo provided by Dr Pepper /

While the iconic beverage brand has been a taste that ignited a legendary fan base, the new Dr Pepper Hot Take brings an extra fiery component to the sipping enjoyment. This limited offering refreshment might be the brand’s most spirited one yet.

Dr Pepper has used its Fansville concept to create a bigger connection with college football fans and beverage enthusiasts. Mixed in with a touch of humor, the unique beverage with its 23 signature ingredients has been front and center. Whether it is game day or special releases, the conversation is more than just simple refreshment. The idea fosters a connection in, on, and around people who will always proudly support their preferred fan base.

With the new special release, Dr Pepper Hot Take invites fans to bring a little heat to the conversation. As John Alvarado, SVP of Dr Pepper Brand Marketing said, “Dr Pepper is taking bold flavor steps with the launch of Dr Pepper Hot Take and it is a testament to our commitment to bringing fans sensational new products. Every year, we celebrate college football fandom and the new flavor is a ‘hot take’ on the well-loved tradition of sport and spice.”

Dr Pepper Hot Take spicy beverage
Dr Pepper Hot Take, new limited edition spicy beverage, photo provided by Dr Pepper /

Recent food trends show that spice, heat, and bold flavors are taking over the shelf. Although no one necessarily wants to shed a tear over an overly fiery bite, that kick of flavor brings excitement to the table and the glass. Like a big scoring drive right before the half, it creates momentum for the next quarter.

With the Dr Pepper Hot Take, the spice level is approachable. No one will be running for a sugar packet or glass of milk to chase this beverage. The warm tingle hits. And, it leads to another drink. Although not necessarily drinking in a single gulp, the beverage goes down smoothly.

While many people would happily run out to buy a six-pack of this specialty spicy beverage, it is only available to Pepper Perks members. By redeeming 3,000 points, they can order this limited-edition beverage. Or, it can be won through a giveaway game. The spicy Dr Pepper is available while supplies last.

Ready to bring the heat? The end of the college football season is heating up and Dr Pepper Hot is here to match that fiery competition on the field. Can you hand the spice or will it leave you crying like a last-minute field goal that misses the mark?

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