Lance Bass shares how Maison Boursin Connection Collection brings holiday cheer

Lance Bass for Maison Boursin Connection Collection, photo provided by Boursin
Lance Bass for Maison Boursin Connection Collection, photo provided by Boursin /

While some people might wish that they spent a little more time with friends during the holiday before the season is gone, Lance Bass appreciates that a little helping hand with the holiday feast can make the event even more festive. With the Maison Boursin Connection Collection, everyone will say goodbye to stress and hello to a flavorful, memorable gathering.

Many people appreciate that Boursin can be the secret ingredient to make many recipes shine. While it might be a centerpiece of a cheese plate, it can boost the flavor in mashed potatoes, or it can be the spread to bring together the perfect sandwich bite. As Ridhi Barber, Brand Director of Boursin commented, “Boursin has always been a simple solution to elevate everyday meals, and now with the Connection Collection, people have everything they need to effortlessly entertain.”

Even though it is a staple, the holiday season with all its stress can have the party host overlooking that familiar favorite. Instead of letting the frazzled moment take over, it is time to let Boursin and its flavor bring the smiles all around.

Recently, Lance Bass partnered with the Maison Boursin Connection Collection to showcase how party hosts can put the focus on the real purpose of the gathering, enjoying time with friends and family. The specially curated items focus on the food and the mood.

The special collection includes serve ware, table décor, and more. All of the items were created to highlight simple, delicious holiday entertaining food ideas. From a delightful appetizer like Stuffed Mini Peppers to a hearty dish like Boursin Baked Pasta, the table sets the tone for a memorable event.

Maison Boursin Connection Collection for the holidays
Maison Boursin Connection Collection for the holidays, photos provided by Boursin /

How is Lance Bass setting the table with the Maison Boursin Connection Collection?

Recently, FoodSided spoke with Lance Bass about his partnership with the Maison Boursin Connection Collection. While some people might be excited to hear him sing a new tune with his friends, the reality is that the popular celebrity enjoys entertaining, both during the holidays and beyond. Luckily, Bass has plenty of advice to make the next gathering a memorable one.

Cristine Struble/FoodSided: Holiday parties can bring together people who may not have seen each other in a while. Any ice breakers or conversation starters that can help the host get people mingling in a good way?

Lance Bass: Conversation is key, especially at a party with fewer people, people you maybe haven’t seen in a while or people you might not already have a connection with — a guest you just met like a friend’s wife or husband. The conversation starters in the Maison Boursin Connection Collection are great because they give you questions you might not think of on your own and you get to find out a lot about your guests — and yourself — by asking all kinds of fun questions.

CS: Sometimes people tend to gather in the kitchen during a party. How do you get guests out of the “prep zone” and move them into enjoying the fun of the party?

LB: The kitchen is the number one spot — I’m guilty of it even when I’m at a party I end up in the kitchen somehow and I think I’m trying to help, but I’m just in the way. To release a little more stress in the kitchen make sure there is food out in a different room before the guests get there. If you have a good cheese board out at the beginning of the party people will surround that instead of gathering in the kitchen.

Lance Bass for Maison Boursin Connection Collection
Lance Bass for Maison Boursin Connection Collection, photo provided by Boursin /

CS: At holiday parties, easy to eat bites are often the norm. What are some great, easy to eat appetizers that guests will love?

LB: Boursin really takes the guesswork out of easy to eat bites, like the Stuffed Mini Peppers, or you can always use Boursin Bites to make a skewer with your favorite vegetables and herbs for a truly simple but elevated bite. I also love the Crispy Baked Boursin with Hot Honey as a great appetizer that is easy to make and always impresses guests.

CS: Sometimes hosts try to pair food and beverages. How do Boursin appetizers pair with a variety of beverage serving options?

LB: Boursin is so versatile that it pairs with so many of your favorite beverages, so there is something for every guest — I love it with a glass of red wine, personally.

CS: Balancing a canape and a beverage can be a precarious moment. Do you have any serving suggestions or ideas that can keep guests from potentially spilling on themselves?

LB: When you are hosting, make sure you are using the right plates for the food you are serving, otherwise you’ll just be cleaning up after people the whole time.

CS: Sometimes there can be a party foul moment, a spilled drink, an unfortunate joke, etc. What’s your best advice to get people to move past that faux pas?

LB: Just celebrate the moment — make a joke about, clean up and move on! If you’re going to have a party expect that these things will happen and just move on quickly, it’s so important to make sure your guests don’t feel bad!

CS: Hosting can be stressful; how do you avoid stress when you throw a party?

LB: Don’t sleep on preparing things the night before! Prep things that can go in the refrigerator and be ready in advance to make it easier on you. The more that you can have done before the party, the less stressed you are going to be and the more you can focus on being with your guests and enjoying their company.

This holiday season party host stress does not have to turn anyone into a grinch. With a little help from Maison Boursin Connection Collection, any event will be full of festive, flavorful fun.

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