Food mascots celebrate Friendsgiving and support No Kid Hungry

Food Mascots celebrate Friendsgiving, photo provided by Green Giant
Food Mascots celebrate Friendsgiving, photo provided by Green Giant /

Holiday tables are full of traditions, both new and old. This year, a group of food mascots kicked off their Friendsgiving celebration by sharing recipes and giving back to No Kid Hungry.

When the table is set with a food feast, the celebratory tone feels inviting. From people who have known each other for decades or people who are starting their friendship, the table creates a space where everyone feels welcome.

Friendsgiving has become as important as a traditional family gathering. The family people choose can make life fuller. Even though backgrounds and traditions may be different, people have found a cherished connection.

Although not necessarily the typical family, food mascots have a common bond. Those smiling faces welcome people to the breakfast table, assist a weeknight dinner, or serve as a reminder to eat some more vegetables. While some of these familiar faces might parade down the avenue on Thanksgiving, the group gathered before the holiday event to spark a bigger conversation about helping others.

Recently, the Green Giant brand created a digital cookbook which curated a variety of holiday inspired recipes from various famous brands. In honor of that event, the Green Giant reached out to his fellow food mascots and invited them to feast on their recipes. This spirited Friendsgiving table was a site to see.

Green Giant invites food mascots to a Friendsgiving celebration
Green Giant invites food mascots to a Friendsgiving celebration, photo provided by Green Giant /

While the visuals have made many people smile, it is more than just that a dinner filled with delicious food. It served as a way to invite everyone to consider giving back this holiday season.

As Steven DeFrino, Marketing Director, Frozen & Vegetables, B&G Foods said, “Thanksgiving is a time to come together over a delicious meal with family and friends. We couldn’t think of a better way to mark this year’s holiday than by bringing together some of the most beloved mascots with delicious dishes featuring their brands, to celebrate our support of No Kid Hungry. We hope our Friendsgiving celebration will inspire consumers to host their own Friendsgiving events to help put an end to childhood hunger.”

The Green Giant has pledged a donation to No Kid Hungry. In addition, the brand invites everyone to transform their holiday gathering into a fundraiser for the charity. According to the company, “Each Friendsgiving sign-up between November 8, 2023 and November 30, 2023 will result in a $1 donation by the Green Giant brand to No Kid Hungry with a minimum total donation of $25,000 and a maximum total donation of $35,000. “

The holiday table can be a moment to celebrate gratitude. For those who may have a bounty of food to share with others, it can be the time to help support those people whose table may be more sparce. If a group of food mascots sharing a meal made people smile, maybe it can be the visual to inspire others to help those in need have that happy moment around the table as well.

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