Royal Caribbean beverage team uses The Lemon Post to shake up its beverage program

The Lemon Post on Royal Caribbean Icon of the Seas, photo provided by Royal Caribbean
The Lemon Post on Royal Caribbean Icon of the Seas, photo provided by Royal Caribbean /

As guests eagerly await their time aboard the Icon of the Seas, the Royal Caribbean beverage team is preparing to quench everyone’s thirst. While the cruise travel brand has always had a robust beverage program, this cruise experience is more than just another pina colada by the pool. With the highly anticipated the Lemon Post, guests will raise a toast to togetherness one sip at a time.

Beverage trends are never stagnant. One day everyone is sipping tequila cocktails only to be followed by a bounty of bourbon love. For the Royal Caribbean beverage team, understanding and adapting to those preferences and trends might feel as up and down as the waves in the ocean.

When Icon of the Seas revealed new on-board beverage experiences, one of the creative spaces that is unlike other ships is the Lemon Post. Located in Surfside, the stay-all-day neighborhood designed for young families, the beverage spot welcomes all ages to grab a glass, bask in the sunshine, and take a moment to let all the superfluous noise disappear.

Given that Royal Carribean is a multi-generational travel experience, the ship needs to embrace that moment where everyone can come together to celebrate, relax, or otherwise refresh. There will always be a Perfect Day at CocoCay, but these subtle moments can create lasting memories.

The Lemon Post on Royal Caribbean Icon of the Seas
The Lemon Post on Royal Caribbean Icon of the Seas, photo provided by Royal Caribbean /

Recently, FoodSided spoke with Ed Eiswirth, Senior Director of Beverage Operations of Royal Carribean about the new offerings on board Icon of the Seas. Building on the success of the creative cocktails from the Mason Jar launch on Wonder of the Seas, the Royal Caribbean beverage team has set high expectation for guests on the latest ship’s launch.

When asked about the Lemon Post, Eiswirth commented, “when I first heard the concept, I was really excited about it. I thought it was such a great idea for the ship, especially with how family oriented we are, how family-oriented Icon of the Seas will be, and its location in the family neighborhood.”

As Eiswirth explained, the team brainstormed the drinks and how they wanted them to look. Their approach to this offering is different than the traditional method that a mixologist uses. Instead of starting with the cocktail and eliminating the alcohol, the team put the focus on the mocktail.

He continued to explain, “the idea was to build the mocktail and the family friendly beverages first. Then, we looked to the twist to add the alcohol, garnish, or other ingredient that would make it adult in flavor, something that would make it appeal to the adult.”

Eiswirth admitted that there was a lot of trial and error in the process. While ideas might have looked great on paper, the flavor did not fit the target audience. If the flavor was too adult leaning, it did not address the vibe for the family-inclusive space.

After trying 35-40 different recipes over a six-week period, the Royal Caribbean beverage team feels that “the menu is coming alive with drinks.” Although guests will have to wait to step on board to enjoy one, two or several of the vibrant options, the excitement is building.

Eiswirth believes that the beverage menu, “is very attractive to all ages.” From the under-18 guest to the non-alcoholic drinker space, it is very encompassing menu that has broad appeal. He even shared “there are some great twists on beverages.” For example, mom’s cocktail might look like the kids’ option, but they are appropriate for each guest.

While there are connections across the beverage menu, Royal Caribbean has specific operational measures in place to ensure each guest gets the appropriate beverage. Eiswirth mentioned that there is a split bar. Non-alcoholic beverages are on one side and alcoholic drinks on the other. The team is ensuring that no one is served the inappropriate beverage.

Every attention to detail will be highlighted at Lemon Post. From options for Little Sailors to colorful creations that will get attention via that social media share, the reality is that the Lemon Post space will be bustling throughout any and every itinerary.

Icon of the Seas will begin its inaugural sailing in January 2024. Itineraries include 7-day sailings from Miami through the Western Caribbean, including a stop at Perfect Day at CocoCay.

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