Paris Hilton shakes up as new role Grey Goose Creative Director of Martinis

While Paris Hilton has deemed the best of the best as “that’s hot,” her new role as Grey Goose Creative Director of Martinis embraces the well-chilled life. A perfect martini has been simplified, but it retains its air of sophistication.

Although cocktail trends have people captivated by colorful creations, bold flavors, and innovative combinations, the reality is that a classic cocktail always is in fashion. Similar to that Channel bag or Valentino gown, timeless elegance is always part of the conversation.

Paris Hilton may have once tried the simple life, but she has never totally forgotten the finer things. The pop culture icon has many layers to her queen of “sliving” title.

Recently, Hilton was named the Grey Goose Creative Director of Martinis and her first order of business is showcasing the Grey Goose Ready to Serve Classic Martini. Although she has spent many hours in the DJ booth at clubs, this cocktail enjoyment is a spin does not require mixing a plethora of ingredients. Whether people choose to shake or stir, a perfect, chilled martini is waiting to be sipped.

Check out this video announcing Paris Hilton as Grey Goose Creative Director of Martinis.

The video is lighthearted. While the play on “that’s hot” versus “that’s cold,” will bring a smile, it showcases the simplicity of this cocktail. For the drinker who wants to appreciate the flavor and the craft of the spirit, it might be time to skip all the extras and focus on fewer ingredients.

Even if some people might find it easy enough to shake or stir their own martini, the reality is that the pourable cocktail market continues to thrive. The days of mastering mixology at home has been replaced by convenience. Pour and enjoy is a priority.

The idea of pre-made martini like it should have been part of the conversation previously. Given other more complex offerings, the combination of a great vodka and a touch of vermouth seems obvious. Whether enjoyed by the person who prefers to unwind with a cocktail on the couch on Saturday night or the part host who wants to step away from the bar, this Grey Goose option seems like a smart purchase.

Take it from Paris Hilton, the Grey Goose Creative Director of Martinis. The pre-blended, ready to share martini is perfectly cold which makes it a hot choice for the home bar.