Leslie Odom Jr. and Kinder Chocolate celebrate sweet, happy fun, interview

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While the sweetness of Kinder Chocolate will always bring happiness to any moment, no one should have to wait for a specific occasion to have embrace that fun filled moment. Kids can find the silly, free-spirited, joyous opportunity any and every day. For celebrated performer Leslie Odom Jr., his children inspire him to embrace those times whenever they present themselves.

Kinder Chocolate, the newest Kinder offering to come stateside, captures that sweet, simple flavor that instantly brings smiles to people’s faces. Even though there can be over the top desserts and colorful creations on the table, the simple pleasures deserve their time to shine.

That idea is similar to how kids can turn the little things into something special. Playing with bubbles, the sight of a balloon in the sky, or just that favorite song on the radio can turn any moment into the biggest event. The wonder, merriment, and happiness can infuse everyone with those sentiments.

Recently, Leslie Odom Jr. partnered with Kinder Chocolate to celebrate childhood moments. Even though those younger years might be fleeting, there is no reason to fast forward through those younger years. It can be time to pick up a crayon, belt out a song, or dance like there is no one watching. Embracing those uninhibited, imaginative moments is vital to making the most of childhood.

As part of their partnership, Leslie Odom Jr. spoke with FoodSided. While many people happily hum along to his melodic voice, the Broadway performer appreciates that his role as a father is a cherished one. In some ways, seeing his children’s willingness to have fun influences how sees the world in a new light.

He said, “the gift of being close to a child – whether it’s your own children or someone else’s – part of the gift that they give you is the chance to imagine things through their eyes, with that freshness and that wonder, everything is new to my kids. It’s almost a new lease, it’s a second chance to experience certain things from a different vantage point. A wiser vantage point and so, you can appreciate them even more.”

While those moments can be a sight to behold, it is more than just watching from afar or seeing it through a screen. Choosing to put yourself into the opportunity is vital.

Odom, Jr. shared, “It just takes a little discipline and courage, and I know those are not sexy words, but when we do it, we can nurture and water fruits of the Spirit. There are important, memorable, special things that are waiting for us every time we put down our phones and allow ourselves to be present in the here and now.”

During the special Kinderland event, everyone was encouraged to make their own Kinder flag. That personal expression served as a visual reminder to be proud of who you are and what you want to say.

Explaining their Kinder flag, Odom Jr. said, “my family let our Kid Flags Fly for sure! Lucy drew a lot of hearts on hers and Able chose to decorate his flag with a lot of his favorite colors. I wrote that Dada loves Lucy and AB on mine. Nicolette combined a few of her favorite pieces of construction paper and made this sort of modern color-blocked work of art.”

Whether that flag found a special place on the refrigerator or was framed on the wall is not necessarily the point. It is about creating the space to potentially have a new family memory. Those fond looks back can become a new tradition that always creates a warm, happy recollection.

Odom Jr. shared, “I didn’t get on an airplane until I was 17, maybe even 19 years old, so for family trips we drove. There would be these very long car trips, 11-12 hours, and let’s just say my parents and I did not share a taste in music. So those were tough trips, but I smile at them now because of the time we got to spend together at the insistence of my parents. I am touched by it, and I’m inspired by it because you can best believe I’m going to be trying to hold on to Lucy and Able and those kinds of experiences and memories we can create as a family for as long as I possibly can.”

When though he might want to slow down time a little, the holiday season is a busy one for Leslie Odom Jr. For anyone who is in the New York City area, he is back on stage.

Odom said, “I’ll be at the Music Box Theater, eight shows a week. Davis’s glorious Purlie Victorious, which is directed by Tony Award winner Kenny Leon, hasn’t been on Broadway in 62 years. It’s a very special play and production. I’ve gotten the reviews of my career, and I don’t even read reviews, but I heard they’re great! I as a producer, I can tell you they made a huge difference at the box office. I didn’t have to read them to be able to read the room. We’re welcoming enthusiastic audiences in night after night, and I would just be so pleased and delighted if you’d make the time to come see us.”

On a personal note, he shared, “for the holidays, my favorite things to look forward to are family and food. I’ve stopped looking forward to presents, that’s more my kids’ terrain. For me, I’m looking forward to good food and time with my family.”

Lastly, how does Odom Jr. enjoy his Kinder Chocolate. He said, “I like to pair my Kinder Chocolate either with cashews or raisins, kind of like a trail mix vibe. I also like to put it in the refrigerator, so it gets a little cold. My daughter’s favorite way is ala carte – she just wants it by itself.”

Whether it is a piece of Kinder Chocolate, a song heard in the distance, or just feeling, embrace those simple pleasures and give into the fun of the moment. Life is too short to live it waiting in the wings.

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