Shine Water bands together with Trolls to put hydration in sync

Shine Water partners with Trolls on new cans, photo by Cristine Struble
Shine Water partners with Trolls on new cans, photo by Cristine Struble /

The shelf is crowded with beverage options to quench a thirst. With Shine Water, the beverage brand is hitting a high note with refreshing flavors, new packaging, and a banding together with those favorite Trolls characters.

Time and again, people are reminded to drink more water. At the same time, grabbing another plastic water bottle off the shelf may not be the best choice for the planet. As more brands find ways to use alternatives to plastic, consumers are reaching for them.

With Shine Water, that change to its packaging supports its overall mission to offer beverages that are beneficial for overall well-being. Many people appreciate how food and beverages impact how they feel. Picking a can over a plastic bottle has an impact down the line.

Shine Water partners with Trolls on new cans
Shine Water partners with Trolls on new cans, photo by Cristine Struble /

Even though thoughtfulness drives choices, the beverage needs to deliver a flavor that satisfies. Luckily, Shine Water does just that.

Available in six flavors, each option appeals to different tastes. From a tangy tropical lemonade to a sweet watermelon blackberry, the brand uses that sweetness to entice people to enjoy the sipping refreshment. While there is that fruity note, each can has zero sugar. When something tastes great, it is easy to go back time and again.

In addition, each can is packed with vitamins, electrolytes, and minerals. From 100% of daily Vitamin D intake to potassium and zinc, people feel good when drinking these beverages.

Unlike some other canned water options, Shine Water is not carbonated. Whether enjoyed with a meal, an alternative to a sports drink, or just whenever the mood hits, these beverages fit any and every occasion.

To kick off the new packaging, Shine Water partnered with Trolls Band Together. With the favorite characters featured on each can, the visual jumps off the shelf. Whether people pick a can based on flavor or character remains to be seen. But, the reality is that it is a way to spark another conversation. Grabbing a can over a plastic bottle is good for the drinker and the environment. That concept hits the right note with everyone.

The Shine Water cans can be found at various stores and can be purchased online via Amazon.

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