Take a professional chef’s advice on the versatility of this kitchen essential

(Photo by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images for Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi)
(Photo by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images for Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi) /

From a holiday feast to even a Sunday supper, many home cooks may not be prepared for all the food and cooking. While some people might have stacked ovens and as many burners as a professional kitchen, others may have more limited space. It is time to make a small investment in this kitchen essential, which will become the ultimate must have.

A huge feast can be an exercise in timing. Whether it is the turkey that needs hours to roast or reheating those mashed potatoes to ensure that they are not a starchy, sticky glob, the kitchen dance needs to be well choreographed. Even though Hell’s Kitchen might have a chef at the pass keeping the timing precious, the home cook is not that fortunate. The constant pass, shovel, and move can have anyone exhausted before they sit at the table.

During a recent conversation with Tyson Foods Chef + Director of Culinary Thomas Wenrich, the well-versed chef shared a smart, often overlooked kitchen essential that more home cooks need to utilize. He mentioned that everyone should buy, and use, a simple induction burner.

Tyson Foods Chef + Director of Culinary, Thomas Wenrich
Tyson Foods Chef + Director of Culinary, Thomas Wenrich, photo provided by Tyson Foods /

Wenrich commented, “the oven is always the most hectic part of the kitchen. So how do you get away from that? I’m a firm believer that everyone could use an induction burner as a secondary stove top. It is very effective. Whether you are quickly sautéing something or holding something hot, it works.”

“For example, if I have mashed potatoes, I might put those in a plastic bag or have it sealed off sitting in a warm pot of water, on the induction burner off to the side. That way, the stove top is still clear and the oven isn’t getting crowded.”

As Wenrich stated, “it is just one outlet and it’s an inexpensive purchase.” It might be time to run to the store and make some space on the countertop.

kitchen essential induction burner
(Photo by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images for Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi) /

For those unfamiliar with an induction burner, it is a simple, electric burner that is about the size of a sauté pan or mid-size pot. It heats up quickly and take up very little space. In addition, it is portable and can be used almost anywhere.

While some people have used slow cookers to keep food warm, the induction burner holds more possibilities. Who hasn’t seen a food television competition use one of these items in a quickfire challenge? Using the kitchen essential might not guarantee a perfectly executed dish, but it will help to get all the food to the table on time.

This holiday shopping season, skip the Dutch Oven, Instapot or other kitchen gadget. The induction burner might be the best kitchen essential that goes to the top of Santa’s gift list.

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