Chef David Rose serves a simple, flavor tip for any holiday meal

Chef David Rose for Omaha Steaks, photo provided by Omaha Steaks
Chef David Rose for Omaha Steaks, photo provided by Omaha Steaks /

While many people focus on the turkey, roast, or other star protein of the holiday meal, that decision overlooks a large portion of the feast. Chef David Rose offers a simple, flavorful tip that reduces stress and ensures a delectable dinner every time.

Many people know that Chef David Rose always serves some great cooking advice. Whether it is mastering the juiciest hamburger or adding some flavorful flare to traditional dishes, he is always ready to be that guiding voice in the kitchen.

As the holiday season goes into full swing, the oven, grill, and stove is full with food. Whether it is a traditional dish that is passed down or a new recipe that wows all the guests, the reality is that people are hungry to gather around the table.

Even though there is much anticipation about that food feast, there can be doubt, worry, and some other concerns. Chef David Rose wants to take some of those thoughts off the menu. It first starts with panning.

He said, ”you’re suppose to be enjoying yourself and having a good time. The less stress, the better. The key is to plan ahead. Create a schedule, whether on paper, a phone, or whatever works for you. Determine what can be done the day before and then focus on the big stuff the day of the event.”

Chef David Rose for Omaha Steaks
Chef David Rose for Omaha Steaks, photo provided by Omaha Steaks /

While that planning keeps everything on track, Rose offers another suggestion that can help simplify the process. It is time to let someone else handle the sides or the dessert. Taking those items off the to-do list is vital.

Everyone might think of Omaha Steaks as the go-to option for delicious beef, fish, and multitude of other mains, the food brand has a plethora of side dishes and desserts. Whether it is those scrumptious scalloped potatoes or the Potatoes Au Gratin, no one has to peel all day to get these side dishes on the table. In addition, there are a variety of vegetables, large scale offerings, and individual servings. Basically, it is like having a sous chef at the ready.

As Rose commented, “let us do the heavy lifting. We have a plethora of different sides, from cream spinach to succotash to risotto to creamy potatoes, mashed potatoes, and more. It takes all the guesswork, all the stress out of the planning preparation. Simply heat and serve and it tastes just like grandma made and it makes your job easier.”

The same can be said about the desserts. Some people might not be confident in their baking skills.

Rose shared his favorite choice. “The caramel apple tartlet with the caramel, savory apples sweet, and a little pinch of salt in the crust in is one of my favorites. Plus, Omaha Steaks took care of the portion sizes. Everyone gets their own individual tartlet so there is no fighting at the dessert table.”

This holiday season, the simple, flavorful solution can be delivered directly to your door. Whether given as a gift or a served as part of a gathering, take it from Chef David Rose and let the trusted brand be that sous chef in the kitchen.

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