2023 Best holiday season beers that cannot be missed

(Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images)
(Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images) /

From barrel aged stouts to holiday ales, the end of the year has many people raising a glass to the brewmasters’ craft. Before 2023 ends, these best holiday season beers deserve to sipped at least once. Whether it is a gift to the beer lover on the list or enjoyed during a quiet evening at home, the reality is that the robust flavors are the best present for the sipping season.

2023 Bourbon County Brand Angel’s Envy 2-Year Cask Finish Stout

While many people ran to secure the highly coveted annual released bottles, one offering stood out among the six bottles. As Goose Island’s first cask aged stout, the 2023 Bourbon County Brand Angel’s Envy 2-Year Cask Finish Stout is truly a highlight. The nuance from the cask finish with the sweetness of the cherry make this beer feel quite festive. Drunk at the end of an evening while gazing at the Christmas tree is truly a gift.

2023 New Belgium Oakspire Bourbon Barrel Ale

Another annual release, the 2023 New Belgium Oakspire Bourbon Barrel Ale brings that bourbon infused flavor with a malty forward beer. While other offerings focus on the stouts, this ale option appeals to people who prefer to enjoy a beer paired with a meal. Slightly more adaptable to a wider palate, this beer is perfect with a Sunday roast.

Elysian Brewing Batch 3000

A limited release, the Elysian Brewing Batch 3000 continues the barrel aging, but in a different direction using Barbados rum barrels.  That spicy, Caribbean note is clear. More importantly, it is the nod to the classic Bananas Foster that has people drinking this stout as their dessert. With sugary, cinnamon, banana forward flavor, no one has to bake this holiday season.

Dogfish Head

While the World Wide Stout is always a popular choice with the best holiday season beers, it is time to pour a glass of the Pennsylvania Tuxedo. The spruce-infused pale ale is the perfect sipper when putting up that Christmas. It captures wintery spirit without stepping outside. Bringing it back is truly a gift for all Dogfish Head fans.

Samuel Adams Oaked Vanilla Porter

While the Samuel Adams Winter Lager is always a favorite, a new option is a must try. Available in the seasonal variety back, the Oaked Vanilla Porter has a complexity that people might not expect. While the maltiness is apparent, the combination of coffee, vanilla, and a little sweetness makes this beer a great way to end a meal. If you like an espresso martini, this beer will make you smile.

Brrr Hoppy Red from Widmer Brothers Brewery

All dressed up for the season, this red ale has a rich sweetness. With a slight bitterness from dark chocolate and a sweetness from caramel, it is an easy drinking option that makes any chilly night warm and cozy.

While this list has only a few of the many selections that could have been on the 2023 best holiday season beers, there are plenty of libations to sip before the year’s end. Try one, some, or all, just make sure to keep the festivities in check. After all, no one wants to be on the naughty list.

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