Every baker needs to add this essential kitchen gadget to their wish list

Give the gift of essential kitchen gadget BeaterBlade Metal, photo provided by BeaterBlade
Give the gift of essential kitchen gadget BeaterBlade Metal, photo provided by BeaterBlade /

While every baker wants to rise to the occasion, a few tips and tricks can help keep the dreaded fail off the table. Sometimes it can be as simple as adding an essential kitchen gadget to the mix. The stand mixer is only as good as its BeaterBlade.

Even though food television competitions make recipes look like child’s play, the reality is that those baking skills come with experience. The recipe might be the road map to the final product. At the same time, the ingredients cannot stand alone. It needs cooking tools to whip them into the delicious dish.

In many kitchens, the stand mixer is a workhorse. It can turn flour, butter, and sugar into a myriad of desserts. In other cases, it can be the base to a savory delight. One item is key to any scenario, the ingredients need to be well mixed. That is where the BeaterBlade comes into play.

For those unfamiliar, BeaterBlade is from New Metro Design. Since 2008, the stand mixer attachment helps to better incorporate ingredients than a traditional flat beater design. Anyone who has mixed items appreciates that there are moments where the mixing has to stop, scrape, and otherwise manipulate the ingredients in the bowl. With this essential kitchen gadget, there is no need to stop and scrape. The special design does all the work.

While the classic design has been well-celebrated, the BeaterBlade Metal is strong, durable, saves time, and just blends better. Anyone who bakes understands that the blending moment impacts the final result. Why didn’t that cake rise, it might have been over beaten. The cheesecake might be lumpy because the beaters did not incorporate the inconsistent textures. Having a better tool is an advantage no matter the situation.

Although the company might call its product a “turbo-charged spatula,” the reality is that people are always looking for the more efficient option. It might not be the most exciting social media hack, but it gets people talking. Sure, grandma might have had her method, but times have changed. Stacking the deck in a person’s favor might avoid the baking catastrophe.

This year, give the baker on the list the BeaterBlade Metal. It does not guarantee that they will be bringing dessert to every gathering, but it might be the motivation to keep that stand mixer whirling a little more frequently.

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