Blue Moon Beer Bagel brings bright, bold flavor to breakfast

Blue Moon Beer Bagel limited time offering in partnership with PopUp Bagels, photo provided by Blue Moon
Blue Moon Beer Bagel limited time offering in partnership with PopUp Bagels, photo provided by Blue Moon /

Although a beer for breakfast might not be a typical occurrence, a Blue Moon Beer Bagel is a flavorful way to start the day. A collaboration between Blue Moon and PopUp Bagels, this bagel and cream cheese offering is the bright, zesty taste that has everyone asking for a baker’s dozen.

Recently, Blue Moon has been exploring food and beverage combinations. Although the Belgium style beer is usually served with an orange slice, the garnish has been swapped for pies. In some ways, those pastries and other food choices highlight the bright, citrus note in the best way.

While some people might have their favorite bagel shop, PopUp Bagels has taken over the food conversation in New York. The viral sensation has people lining up for a taste of those spherical treasures.

Blue Moon Beer Bagel with orange cream cheese
Blue Moon Beer Bagel with orange cream cheese, photo provided by Blue Moon /

The special collaboration, Blue Moon Beer Bagel, uses that popular craft beer in the bagel itself. The wheat-forward notes from the beer combined with the citrus and the clove adds a nuance to the bagel. In addition, the specialty bagel is served with a Valencia Orange Cream Cheese. That zesty schmear highlights all the other flavors in the bagel. It is just like the orange slice garnish on the beer glass.

Thinking about this collaboration, the idea makes sense. Who hasn’t enjoyed beer bread? The key to this offering will be the contrast of textures. From the chewy dough to the crisp exterior, those elements are made even better when the cream cheese hits the warm bagel. And, if it is not a workday, why not enjoy that bite with a Blue Moon beer.

The specialty bagel will be available starting November 29 at 6 a.m. The bagels can be ordered at PopUp Bagels in New York City and Connecticut. The limited time offering will be available through December 3. There is a limited supply of these bagels.

In addition,orders can be placed for nationwide shipping starting at 12 p.m. on November 28. Check out the online store for more information.

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