KIND Snacks opens a kindness conversation with every package enjoyed

KIND Snacks Friendship bracelet, photo provided by KIND Snacks
KIND Snacks Friendship bracelet, photo provided by KIND Snacks /

Many people pick a food brand based solely on flavor, ingredients, or how it fits in their lifestyle. With KIND Snacks, the brand is more than just a tasty bite filled with real ingredients. Whether it is World Kindness Day or a regular Tuesday, it is time to make a meaningful choice when shopping the snack aisle.

Recently, Chief Marketing Officer at KIND, Osher Hoberman commented, “Kindness is in our DNA, and it is why we collectively do the things we do. This World Kindness Day, we embraced the opportunity to spread kindness by focusing on nourishing our communities.”

While KIND Snacks might have made a verbalized the concepts that it has been doing for years, that statement is important. It might not be as catchy as a fun promotion or a big splash over a new product. More importantly, it is the core of that drives the brand’s success. Appreciating that people matter as much as a great product, it is that recipe which makes the brand a success.

KIND Snacks
KIND Snacks Friendship bracelet, photo provided by KIND Snacks /

Recently, the brand launched the Live Kind Bracelet. While some people might have made that purchase due to a recent fashion trend, the impact is not limited to just that symbolic friendship. That visual on the wrist can serve as a reminder to choose wisely. From enjoying a tasty treat to choosing to help others, a visual moment is important.

While KIND Snacks and Little Words Project donated $10,000 to FoodCorps, that dollar amount can make a different. But, it is more than just money funding situation to make a change. It is wanting to better, doing better, and making better happen.

Change starts by making a choice. It can be swapping that snack in the lunch box, wearing a particular bracelet, or choosing to help an organization that looks to make the future better. KIND Snacks captures all those ideas and it tastes great, too. It might be time to spread that kindness one bite at a time.