WhistlePig PiggyBank Rye is the porcine pour that keeps giving

WhistlePig PiggyBank Rye released for the 2023 holiday season, photo provided by WhistlePig
WhistlePig PiggyBank Rye released for the 2023 holiday season, photo provided by WhistlePig /

As one year ends, many people are taking stock, raising a glass, and toasting to possibilities on the horizon. For the whiskey connoisseur, the WhistlePig PiggyBank Rye returns to pour a spirited conversation. Even when the bottle is empty, fans can fill their coffers for the next spirited adventure.

Many whiskey drinkers pick a particular spirit not just for the craft associated with the liquor but also for the brand’s commitment to various issues. WhistlePig has always made a point to raise awareness, give back, and blend its causes into the conversation. Even though there might be a little humor that spikes during the moment, people are thirsty to become more involved.

Throughout 2023, the distiller has supported causes like Turning Tables, Everybody Solar, Vanguard Renewables, Rally 2 Give, Food Education Fund, Vermont FoodBank, Mission 22, AutismUp, and other local charities. The company has even woven some of these charitable and sustainable ideas into its various limited time releases. Sometimes a spirited pour can spark a conversation that lasts long after the glass is emptied.

With this year’s WhistlePig PiggyBank Rye, the creative container invites people to think as they drink. Once the bottle is finished, it is a bank. Although this container is far different from that childhood piggy bank that was filled with every painstakingly earned coin, it is a simple reminder that every contribution counts, and it is a conversation that needs to be remembered. It starts with a choice and grows from there.

WhistlePig Piggybank Rye pig bottle
WhistlePig Piggybank Rye pours from the back of the pig, photo provided by WhistlePiggy /

Even though the special bank container makes this bottle a collectible, whiskey drinkers covet the liquor offering because of its flavor. The WhistlePig PiggyBank Rye is a superb, high proof offering. Bottled at 110 proof, this final offering of 2023 smashes expectations. While the brand might make a plethora of porky puns, this special Rye is no laughing matter.

Meghan Ireland, WhistlePig Head Blender describes the offering as follows: “Outside of the ham-some decanter, this 110 proof expression of WhistlePig 10 delivers a unique experience of our original Rye that highlights bright and vibrant notes of mint and dill, with light truffle notes on the palette. Our classic long and spicy finish with rich oak tannin rounds out the sipping experience. It’s our favorite whiskey for a holiday toast, especially for giving thanks and giving back.”

While many whiskey drinkers are familiar with sweet notes, like vanilla, caramels, or other baking spices, the somewhat herbaceous and zesty qualities make this whiskey special. Even though a rye has an inherent spice quality, it is the mint and dill that seem to enliven the drinking experience. It is almost a quality that is unexpected, but one that brings the drinker back to taste again and again.

The 10 year aging allows the whiskey to have additional complexity. While the added proof makes this special offering more potent, it is still quite drinkable.

WhistlePig PiggyBank Rye
WhistlePig PiggyBank Rye released for the 2023 holiday season, photo provided by WhistlePig /

Thinking about the WhiskeyPig PiggyBank Rye, it would be a lovely after dinner pour to a robust short rib or roast dinner. It could even stand up to a hearty mushroom risotto. Even a plate of lamb chops could play off the mint and dill qualities. Basically, it would be best enjoyed after a hearty, festive meal.

Although some Northeastern town happily smash that pink candy pig for good luck during the holidays, the WhiskeyPig PiggyBank Rye is an offering that is meant to be savored. Whether shared with friends or kept on the shelf as a badge of honor, the bottle will quickly become a coveted release.

For anyone who longs to add this bottle to their collection, it can be purchased online via the brand’s website or at select premium liquor stores. The bottle retails for $249.99.

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