Joel McHale tackles the Tastebud Training program with Snickers Hi Protein, interview

Joel McHale and Snickers Hi Protein for the Tastebud Training program, photo provided by Snickers
Joel McHale and Snickers Hi Protein for the Tastebud Training program, photo provided by Snickers /

From his television shows to his movies, Joel McHale has used his quick wit to his advantage. While it seems that he is never at a loss for words, he appreciates that all those moments come with hard work. Sometimes it is the underappreciated areas that need some extra attention. With the help of Snickers Hi Protein Bar and his own personal trainer, the Tastebud Training program is part of his vigorous workout routine.

To help get everyone ready to enjoy the satisfying taste and protein packed bite of the Snickers Hi Protein Bar, McHale and his personal trainer are sharing their Tastebud Training Program. While many people might be able to squat their way to success, these specially designed exercises focus on an overlooked area, the mouth. From the Face Flex to Bar Bites, each one will help anyone and everyone flash that satisfied smile.

As part of the launch for this program, FoodSided spoke with Joel McHale about his Snickers Hi Protein Bar partnership, some of his workout routines, and why his new movie, It’s a Wonderful Knife, is the holiday must watch.

Joel McHale and Snickers Hi Protein for the Tastebud Training program
Joel McHale and Snickers Hi Protein for the Tastebud Training program, photo provided by Snickers /

Explaining how this partnership came to be, McHale commented that combining his love of Snickers and working out with his own personal trainer, Spencer, was the perfect fit. While the Tastebud Training sessions might not necessarily be part of the circuit in the gym, the videos bring a little levity to the situation. If working out and balanced eating cannot be fun, no one is going to buy into the situation.

During the filming, McHale said that he happily enjoyed several of the Snickers Hi Protein Bars. Luckily that 20g of protein and low sugar ensured that he was well energized to take on all the tasks. Plus, those lip trills had a bonus benefit of keeping his annunciation on point take after take.

While this Snickers promotion is not necessarily the same has those “hangry” spots from year’s past, no one is their best self when that hunger hits. For McHale, he admitted that those moments tend to come during road trips. “I noticed on road trips that I don’t really eat. Some gas stations might not have the best choices.” Now, maybe he will have a few extra Snickers Hi Protein Bars in that glove box.

As the holiday season approaches, many people are hungry for special moments, traditions, and even a little levity along the way. With McHale’s new movie, It’s a Wonderful Knife, he hopes that the comedy holiday horror film could be a reason for people to take a break from the hustle and bustle. It might not be quite as controversial as whether or not Die Hard is a holiday film, but fans of movies like Violet Night will happily buy a ticket.

Speaking to his new film, McHale shared that the movie examines “if you did not exist, what would your life be like? There might be a killing Angel running around and a lot of jokes in those horror movie moments. This horror comedy drama style has found a niche and people love them.” Whether or not It’s a Wonderful Knife becomes the new holiday tradition remains to be seen. Maybe people will think a little differently about a bell ringing and an angel getting its wings.

While those movie moments might be fiction, McHale recalled a holiday incident that might have resembled a scene from a comedy horror flick. He recalled a moment when slicing bread turning into a thumb cut of epic proportions. Even though electrical tape rescued the moment, a trip to urgent care ended the night. That knife experience was far from wonderful and a reminder to always cut with care.

Although movies might capture the pop culture moment, the reality is that the holiday season is a time to gather together, find some merriment, and enjoy the moment. More importantly, no one should skip those timely workouts, including the Tastebud Training program. All those mouth workouts can help with a quick quip or handle that Snickers Hi Protein Bar with ease. Just like no trainer would allow his client to skip leg day, the mouth workout needs to be on the weekly workout.

For anyone who would like to join Joel McHale and his trainer Spencer for a special Tastebud Training program, they can enter to win at Entries are open through December 13.

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