Snickers Hi Protein bars are the tasty way to beat the hangry feeling

Mars Steps Into The Performance Nutrition Game With New SNICKERS® Hi Protein Bars
Mars Steps Into The Performance Nutrition Game With New SNICKERS® Hi Protein Bars /

The Snickers Hangry commercials have been part of advertising legend. Whether it is famous celebrities, like Betty White, to relatable situations, many people appreciate how a Snickers bar can wipe away that nagging, empty feeling. Now, there is a new option on the shelf to keep that tummy grumbling away. The new Snickers Hi Protein bars fill a void, and they will fly off store shelves.

Many people are looking for functional food choices. While healthy eating and balanced lifestyle choices are often top of mind, people want flavor with that “better for you” option. Even though kale, chia seeds, and leafy greens might be a smart choice, it may not satisfy the way chocolate, peanut butter, and caramel can.

Looking the protein bar market, many of those flavors borrow from popular sweet treats. From candy bars to cake to cookies, the functional food or performance nutrition sounds more like dessert. That idea seems to flavor the new Snickers Hi Protein bars.

According to Michelle Deignan, Senior Brand Director, Mars Wrigley, “Mars is consumer obsessed, and after talking with many consumers through the product development process, it was clear that the performance nutrition category was missing one key ingredient – delicious tasting products. With the demand for delicious tasting protein bars increasing, SNICKERS Hi Protein bars are guaranteed to be a hit whether you work out avidly, casually or are looking for a delicious snack with more protein.”

Snickers Hi Protein bars
Mars Steps Into The Performance Nutrition Game With New SNICKERS® Hi Protein Bars /

What can people expect from the Snickers Hi Protein bars?

Based on the name alone, consumers have an expectation when then unwrap the new Snickers Hi Protein bars. If that bite does not bring that peanuts, caramel and chocolate in perfect balance, they might overlook the protein component for something tastier. Luckily, it delivers on that promise.

Biting into the protein bar, chocolate, peanuts, and caramel delivers what people expect. The combination of sweet and crunchy contrasting the traditional center is delightful. It almost makes you forget that you are eating a protein bar. It feels indulgent without that nagging negative feeling. When better for you food satisfies, it will be the first bar to grab.

Thinking about this offering, it seems to open the door for other candy brands to expand to the protein bar market. Why can’t there be a handful of candy coated protein candies in the future? Good for you food can be craveable.

The new Snickers Hi Protein bars will hit store shelves in January 2023. Each bar has 20 grams of protein. 220 calories per serving, and 4 grams of total sugar. While the initial launch will happen at select stores, a larger rollout will happen later in the year. The protein bars will be available in a single 2.01 oz bar.

Skip the hangry and satisfy that feeling with protein, Snickers Hi Protein bars.